Priyanka Chopra’s Wedding Dress Featured Eight Hidden Messages That Are Beyond Romantic

It's official. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are married, and the photos from their big day are just as amazing as you thought they'd be, but honestly, Priyanka Chopra's wedding dress may have exceeded your expectations. Not only was it stunning, but according to People, it also contained sweet romantic touches that weren't readily visible.... Continue Reading →

7 Ways To Creating A Strong Password

Know what to Avoid To create an unhackable password avoid the above listed items. Know what is Good for a strong password A good password must have the above listed items. Vowel Elimination Technique From the above picture the password "hlldrknssmyldfrnd" is deduced or derived from "hello darkness my old friend". Good one huh! Using... Continue Reading →

Frank Oduro Gyasi Releases Another Poem

Wendy Shay- Astalavista


Ahye me – Obibini ft Kidi


Is Cardi B Trying To Even Look Like Nicki Minaj?

Well there's been this natural entertainment enmity between the two pop stars but my attention has been caught by something different; Their appearance. They look alike and it seems one is trying to look like the other. Check these photos: Guess you know what it is... Who is trying to look like the other?

Stonebwoy- Loyalty


Shatta Wale-Tomorrow


Sing For Me- Dj Akua x Bisa K Dei x Joey B


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