X’PLORE is the greatest Romance ebook on the market

Kneel before me, your king; I have a cane. Open your mouth beauty and eat pain. Let the words out don't let it choke you. Spit a word and he will enter with no trouble. My thighs are stiff and my rear is harder than stone. What are you doing to me; I am in... Continue Reading →

X’PLORE is the greatest Romance ebook on the market

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What Precious Lee and Candice Huffine Really Think of Fashion’s Diversity Problem By Olivia Fleming

Outspoken and unconventional, these brazen women are beacons of change who refuse to conform, inspiring people around the world to fight for what they believe in. Here, models Precious Lee and Candice Huffine open up about diversity—or lack thereof—in the fashion industry for our 2018 #WomenWhoDare conversation series. Candice Huffine: What I was thinking about... Continue Reading →

Jamie Lee Curtis Is Having A Style Renaissance

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the few women who are having few moments of their life. The actor has been hotfooting it between London, New York and Los Angeles on the promo trail for her latest film, Halloween. Though not a contender for awards season, Lee Curtis has treated each radio slot, primetime TV... Continue Reading →

How To Thread A Sewing Machine

1. Place the thread on the spool pin. 2. Wind the bobbin with the bobbin winder. 3. Wrap the thread around the thread guide on the top of the sewing machine. 4. Pull the thread down through the guide and around the tension disks. 5. Loop the thread back up towards the second thread guide... Continue Reading →

7 Ways To Creating A Strong Password

Know what to Avoid To create an unhackable password avoid the above listed items. Know what is Good for a strong password A good password must have the above listed items. Vowel Elimination Technique From the above picture the password "hlldrknssmyldfrnd" is deduced or derived from "hello darkness my old friend". Good one huh! Using... Continue Reading →

Frank Oduro Gyasi Releases Another Poem

Joe Mettle – My Everything


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