Teens made up most of e-cigarette maker Juul’s Twitter following – study

Almost half of the people who followed Juul Labs Inc on Twitter last year were not old enough to legally purchase e-cigarettes in the United States, according to a study published on Monday. Researchers analysed data collected in April 2018 on public followers of Juul’s Twitter account (@JUULvapor) with at least one public tweet. About... Continue Reading →

Portuguese officers convicted of kidnapping black youths

A Portuguese court has found eight police officers guilty of kidnapping and beating up six youths from a predominantly black neighbourhood in the outskirts of Lisbon. Only one of the eight officers was sentenced to jail, while the others were given suspended sentences for various crimes, including kidnapping, assault and falsification of documents. Nine other... Continue Reading →

Lawyers for South Africa’s Zuma tell court he is being treated unfairly

Jacob Zuma’s lawyers argued on Monday that the former South African president had been treated unfairly by prosecutors in his attempt to have revived corruption charges set aside because he is unpopular in the country at large. Zuma, who was in office from 2009-2018, has applied for a permanent stay of prosecution from 16 charges... Continue Reading →

Why NASA destroyed a simulated NYC with a fake asteroid

Don't panic — it was just a test. A make-believe asteroid 200 feet wide just plowed into a simulated New York City, sent there by NASA as part of an exercise to study what might happen if astronomers found a giant space rock heading toward Earth. If the collision had been real, the city would... Continue Reading →

India to launch lunar mission that would be first to explore moon’s south pole region

India is planning to send a spacecraft to the moon this summer, with a robotic lander and rover scheduled to touch down on the lunar surface in early September. If it's successful, the Chandrayaan-2 mission will make India the fourth nation to land a craft on the moon. So far, only the U.S., the Soviet... Continue Reading →

‘We will emerge victorious’: Turkish opposition vows to defeat Erdogan in poll re-run

Turkey’s opposition issued a rallying call on Tuesday for voters to re-elect the ousted mayor of Istanbul after his victory was overturned by officials. The Republican People's Party (CHP) ignored calls to boycott an election re-run, instead pledging to inflict a second defeat on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s party. Imamoglu earned a narrow victory over... Continue Reading →

Kamala Harris on ‘electability’: Pundits have it all wrong about impact of gender, race

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris said on Tuesday she believes the "pundits" have it wrong about the electability of women in the race. "Every office that I've run for, in particular, running for (San Francisco) district attorney and then running for (California) attorney general, no one like me had ever done the job based on... Continue Reading →

Accused founder of upstate New York sex cult goes on trial in US

Keith Raniere, a former self-help guru, on Tuesday went on trial in the US on charges of running a secretive New York sex cult that recruited female "slaves". The 58-year-old American allegedly then starved and branded the women with his initials as well as blackmailing them into having sex with him. Raniere was the leader... Continue Reading →

Judge says Coast Guard officer accused of plotting domestic terror attack can be released

A Coast Guard officeraccused of stockpiling guns and compiling a hit listof prominent Democrats and network TV journalists can be released on strict supervision to one of his in-laws while he awaits trial, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. Judge Charles Day agreed to delay the release while prosecutorsappeal the decision. Christopher Hasson, 50, a Coast... Continue Reading →

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