May would take lawmakers’ Brexit proposals to Brussels – former minister

A former British minister who stepped down on Monday to vote against Prime Minister Theresa May's approach to Brexit said he was confident she would present future proposals from parliament to Brussels. Richard Harrington, who quit as a junior business minister, said he hoped May would not resign but instead take to Brussels whatever Brexit... Continue Reading →

MPs vote to seize control of Brexit for a day

British lawmakers wrested control of the parliamentary agenda from the government for a day in a highly unusual bid to find a way through the Brexit impasse after Prime Minister Theresa May's EU divorce deal was rejected again. Lawmakers will now vote on a range of Brexit options on Wednesday, giving parliament a chance to... Continue Reading →

Pentagon: Missile defense test succeeds in shootdown

WASHINGTON – In the first test of its kind, the Pentagon on Monday carried out a "salvo" intercept of an unarmed missile soaring over the Pacific, using two interceptor missiles launched from underground silos in southern California. Both interceptors zeroed in on the target — a re-entry vehicle that had been launched 4,000 miles away... Continue Reading →

Dershowitz says ‘shame on Mueller,’ calls Russia probe findings bad news for CNN

Alan M. Dershowitz, the attorney and Harvard Law professor emeritus, slammed Robert Mueller on Sunday, saying the special counsel engaged in a “cop out” by stating that his report neither exonerated President Trump nor concluded he'd committed a crime related to obstruction of justice. Dershowitz said Mueller seemed to try having it both ways. “It... Continue Reading →

Graham sends ominous tweet to Comey: See you soon

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., posted an ominous reply to ex-FBI-Director James Comey on Twitter Sunday after Comey seemed to sum up the summary of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation by posting a picture of a man who appeared lost in the woods. The photo posted by Comey was of a man surrounded by tall trees,... Continue Reading →

UK Has Killed More Than 4,000 Islamic State Fighters In Air Strikes In Iraq And Syria

Britain has killed more than 4,000 Islamic State fighters in air strikes in Iraq and Syria but has only admitted to causing one civilian death in four and a half years of bombing, official data seen by HuffPost UK shows. The Ministry of Defence estimates that RAF bombing killed 2,994 enemy fighters in Iraq and... Continue Reading →

Mexican central bank in talks with Amazon about new mobile payments

Mexico's central bank is in talks with Inc to launch a new government-backed mobile payment system that would allow consumers to pay for online purchases using QR codes, the bank's head of payments said. It would be the first time the world's largest online retailer offers such scanning technology in Mexico and could eventually... Continue Reading →

U.S. sanctions the Nujaba militia backed by Iran

The United States has sanctioned Harakat Hezbollah al Nujaba, a radical Muslim militia group of about 10,0000 fighters, as well as its leader Akram Kaabi, the Treasury Department said on Tuesday. Active in Iraq and Syria, Nujaba, which is known by various names including the "The Movement of the Noble Ones," is also loyal to... Continue Reading →

Attack slows on Islamic State Syria pocket to save civilians – official

U.S.-backed forces are slowing down their offensive against the last Islamic State pocket in eastern Syria to protect civilians who remain there, a spokesman for a militia force said on Monday, adding that the battle would still "be over soon". The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) faced landmines, car bombs, tunnel ambushes and suicide attacks on... Continue Reading →

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