David Beckham Spotted In London Wearing ‘The People’s Rolex’

He’s renowned as as one of the world’s most supportive celebrity dads and this week David Beckhamonce again proved it whilst sitting front row at the Victoria Beckham collection launch during London Fashion Week.On his lap was his daughter Harper but what got our attention was Becks’ choice of wristwear – the watch we’re calling... Continue Reading →

Under the weather? Try these 8 feel-good soups top chefs swear by

Chicken soup has long been used to help ward off colds, and it turns out there's some scientific evidence to back up this common sense cure. "The best-known research, from Nebraska pulmonologist Stephen Rennard, M.D., found that chicken-vegetable soup inhibited the movement of white blood cells that trigger cold symptoms such as a stuffy nose,"... Continue Reading →

Man plans to impregnate 2,500 women and dubs himself ‘miracle maker’ branded ‘dangerous’

A man who wants to try and get 2,500 women pregnant has been branded 'dangerous'. 'Joe Donor', who hasn't revealed his real name, is an international sperm donor with a goal of getting as many woman pregnant as possible.He calls himself the "miracle maker" and arrived in Australia in January, reports TVNZ. In an interview... Continue Reading →

Overweight ‘virgin’ who has ‘never had boyfriend’ mysteriously gives birth to baby

A pregnant woman who had 'never had a boyfriend' mysteriously gave birth to a baby despite claiming to be a virgin .The woman in her 20s, from Guiyang, China refused to accept she was giving birth after being brought in to a hospital with abdominal pains. Doctors say that the educated woman, who was excessively... Continue Reading →

One of Britain’s youngest female killers REVEALED as ‘pure evil’ teen turns 18

The identity of one of Britain's youngest female killers can be revealed after she turned 18 behind bars today.Jolene Doherty was pregnant and high on cocaine when she brutally murdered Conner Cowper, 18, at a house party last year.The thug was just 17 when she stabbed him in the neck and left him to bleed... Continue Reading →

Will ‘African Heritage’ recapture its glory days again?

Some years ago, New African magazine reported on The Rise and Fall of African Heritage. This article detailed the fortunes of a famous Kenyan gallery which had closed after a glorious period producing shows highlighting African culture, textiles and fashions through festivals that travelled the world with its troupe of models, musicians, acrobats, stilt walkers,... Continue Reading →

Swiss actor Bruno Ganz who played Hitler in ‘Downfall’ dies aged 77

Bruno Ganz, the Swiss actor who portrayed Adolf Hitler in Oscar-nominated film "Downfall" and the kindly grandfather in "Heidi", died of cancer at his home in Zurich on Saturday aged 77, his agent said. Ganz had been active in German language theater, film and television for more than 50 years and was the holder of... Continue Reading →

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