Google Hardware Blitz Coming: Pixel 3 Lite, Pixel 4, And Smartwatch — Leaks, Specs, Price

Google is quickly becoming a high-profile device manufacturer despite its pure software origins. And it may be readying a blitz of new devices in 2019. Depending on the day, Google has a larger market cap (about $767 billion as of Friday) than Apple and a massive 85,000-plus workforce. So, it obviously has the resources to... Continue Reading →


Non-Negotiables With Dogs

For those seeking any kind of relationship, it’s wise to consider the traits that are preferred, but only some of those are essential—the so-called non-negotiables. In romantic relationships, we may have a long list of desirable qualities, but usually there are only a few that we can’t compromise on.Read More

UK royal Meghan reveals she’s six months pregnant: media

Meghan Markle, wife of Britain's Prince Harry, told royal well-wishers on Monday she was six months pregnant but the royal couple do not know the gender of their first baby, British media reported.Former U.S. actress Meghan and Harry married last May and announced in October that they were expecting their first child in the Spring... Continue Reading →

Better than ever,’ Paris Jackson dismisses treatment report

Paris Jackson, the only daughter of late singer Michael Jackson, on Wednesday played down reports that she is undergoing treatment, saying she is "happy, healthy, and better than ever." Jackson, 20, said in an Instagram post that she had taken a break from work and social media. But she said, "The media is exaggerating" when... Continue Reading →

Singer Mariah Carey sues former executive assistant

Singer Mariah Carey on Wednesday sued her former assistant for breaking a nondisclosure agreement, negligence and theft, according to court documents. Carey, one of the world's best-selling singers with 200 million records sold and hits including "We Belong Together," is seeking at least $3 million in damages from Lianna Azarian and a restraining order to... Continue Reading →

You Can Enter an Altered State of Consciousness by Staring into Someone’s Eyes for 10 Minutes

It's a weird feeling, but sometimes even the most mundane moments can strike you as foreign. Ever hear a word enough times that it stops making sense? Ever hear your voice on a recording and have a disgusted reaction? Apparently, staring into someone's eyes is another common activity that can yield an incredibly freaky result.Read... Continue Reading →

The New Samsung A8s Could Be Our First Look At The Galaxy S10’s Notchless ‘Hole-punch’ Display

If you’ve been following along with the Galaxy S10 rumors (, then you know Samsung is planning something very different for its 2019 flagship: A display with a hole in the front rather than a notch. And we may have just gotten our first look at it. Samsung has taken the wraps off the Galaxy... Continue Reading →

The Beat Goes On

William Escalera and Francisco George have their fingers on the pulse of contemporary art in Los Angeles. Francisco is a docent at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and William is a member and former chair of the museum’s Modern and Contemporary Art Council, which supports acquisitions for LACMA’s modern and dontemporary art departments.... Continue Reading →

Who Owns Your Face?

If they followed the Federal Trade Commission’s recommended 40-page recovery process, they had to contact the companies where fraud occurred; place fraud alerts with credit bureaus; review their credit reports; report the identity theft to the FTC and their local police departments; close new charges; remove bogus charges; correct their credit reports;... Read More

Black Holes Might Not Exist, So Here Are 5 Weirder Alternatives

Black holes are infinities wrapped in infinities: objects containing an infinitely small point with infinite density that warps spacetime to such a degree that not even light can escape. But the laws of physics say information can't be destroyed, so if nothing can escape a black hole ... can a black hole even exist? As... Continue Reading →

The Tonka Bean Is Revered for Its Superb Flavor, But It’s Illegal and Might Kill You

All the best stuff is illegal. You're thinking about tonka beans too, right? This flavorful little bean is the golden goose of sweet, haute culinary creations, but you don't want to be caught with the treat in the U.S. Not just because the FDA will put you on their most wanted list, but because, well,... Continue Reading →

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