Baby boy fighting for life after nurse gives him enema using BOILING water

A baby boy aged just 10 months was given an enema with scalding hot water in hospital, leaving him fighting for his life in intensive care. Distressing images show the baby screaming in agony after the procedure left him with severe burns and "giant" blisters. The boy, named as Nurislam, had already been hospitalised with... Continue Reading →

Number of American adults not having sex reaches all-time high, report says

The number of American adults reporting that they have not had sex in the past year hit a record high in 2018, data shows. The Washington Post analyzed the latest data from the General Social Survey and found that 23 percent of adults, or nearly 1 in 4, said they had not had sex in... Continue Reading →

Tyler Perry complains about pricey bottled water: ‘What the hell this water do, cure cancer?

An Instagram post Tyler Perry made a few days ago is getting quite the reaction. Thousands of people are cracking up about his comments regarding the price tag of bottled water at a Minnesota hotel. The actor, filmmaker, and comedian said he is on his Madea's Farewell Tour and got “mad as hell” when he... Continue Reading →

Woman, 55, gives birth to own grandchild because daughter was born without a womb

A woman has given birth to her own grandchild after her daughter was born without a womb. Emma Miles, 55, offered to be a surrogate for her daughter Tracey Smith, 31, who was worried she would never have a child of her own. Her kind mum stepped in and lost six stone in order to... Continue Reading →

Someone alive today will live to be 1,000 years old, ‘incendiary’ tech honcho claims

Someone alive on Earth today will reach the ripe old age of 1,000. That's according to one prominent British scientist, who is determined to "hack" human mortality by finding a scientific answer to the Fountain of Youth. Dr. Aubrey de Grey, an anti-ageing expert based in the United States, reckons new biotechnology will help us... Continue Reading →

Can a computer tell you when you’re going to die?

Everyone is faced with the prospect of death, though not knowing when the time will come can be unsettling for many. Now, researchers have uncovered a disturbing benefit of artificial intelligence – the ability to more accurately predict a person's demise. The unsettling research, published in PLOS One, is the result of researchers training algorithms... Continue Reading →

A woman with two wombs delivers twins one month after giving birth to first child

A Bangladeshi mom was shocked after she gave birth to healthy twins just one month after delivering her first child. Arifa Sultana, 20, who is from a rural village in the South Asia country, gave birth to a boy in late February, the BBC reported. However, just 26 days later, she was transported to another... Continue Reading →

Energy drink addict shares photo of tongue ‘eaten away’ by habit

A teacher has shared horrific photos of his tongue that was "eaten away" after he downed six energy drinks a day. Dan Royals posted the picture of his blistered and peeling tongue, to warn people of the dangers of guzzling the popular drinks. In a post on Facebook he said he would regularly drink five... Continue Reading →

Eating Pork Can Kill You

Pork is the most delicious and widely eaten meat in the world which is 38 percent of the world’s total meat production. Pork is soft and juicy and has an extra skinny taste like chicken. However, the Americans use this pork meat to make Bacon which is a type of salt-cured pork. Bacon is highly... Continue Reading →

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