Nurse held 10-year-old Ella’s hand as she donated organs to save lives of five kids

A family has told of the heartbreaking final moments they spent with their daughter before her organs were donated - and saved the lives of five other children. Ten-year-old Ella Thatcher’s sudden death from an epileptic seizure mean her heart, lungs, liver and pancreas and two kidneys saved others from a similar fate. It comes... Continue Reading →

School refuses to give girls 5 days off while mum has life-saving heart surgery

A mum claims her daughters' primary school would not allow them five days off while she undergoes and recovers from a life-saving heart operation. Emma Payne said she was left stunned and feeling let down when she found out her girls - Charlotte, 10, and Sophie, eight - had to remain in school or else... Continue Reading →

Woman who didn’t know she was pregnant gives birth while in coma, discovers she has 2 uteruses

A U.K. woman who was placed into a medically induced coma after complaining of a headache and later suffering from seizures was shocked to wake days later and discover she had given birth to a healthy baby girl. Ebony Stevenson, who told SWNS she had no prior symptoms or suspicions that she was pregnant, was... Continue Reading →

Woman shocked to learn ‘kidney stones’ was actually labor

By the time 22-year-old Allyson Opfer and her doctors realized she was pregnant, she’d already been in labor for nearly 40 hours. “I went to the hospital that day because I had terrible cramping,” Opfer, now 23, tells Reader’s Digest. “I knew cramps that bad had to be something serious.” They were—she was bringing a... Continue Reading →

Woman, 44, has a STROKE while ‘nearing orgasm’ during oral sex

A woman suffered a stroke while receiving oral sex from her lover. The 44-year-old, from west London, was "nearing orgasm " when she passed out in the bedroom. She was rushed to hospital where doctors found a blood vessel had burst inside her skull. Medics at West Middlesex University Hospital in Isleworth, west London, said... Continue Reading →

Texas woman has skin burned off to treat rare condition that caused nose to double in size

A Texas woman who had layers of her skinburned off – which temporarily left a charred, blackened area on her face – said the procedure has helped her regain her confidence and get her life back after a rare condition caused her nose to morph and double in size. “The procedure took two hours because... Continue Reading →

Woman suffers severe allergic reaction to partner’s medication after oral sex

A woman suffered a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction to penicillin after performing oral sex on her partner, according to a case report. The unidentified 31-year-old was rushed to hospital after she started vomiting, breaking out in hives and struggling to breathe. The patient, from Alicante, Spain, was admitted with suspected anaphylactic shock. She told medics... Continue Reading →

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