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Model dies hours after liposuction, nose job at Mexico clinic.

Investigators are looking into the death of a 32-year-old model in Mexico who died allegedly after undergoing plastic surgery hours earlier. Elena Carolina Sada Sandoval, of Coahuila, had reportedly traveled to Nuevo Leon for liposuction and a nose job at the Obispado Specialist Medical Center, CEN reported. At some point in her recovery, the mother […]

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Your Smart TV could be spying on you,FBI warns

Consumers need to think seriously about the security of their Internet-connect Smart TVs, according to the FBI. “A number of the newer TV’s also have built-in cameras,” the FBI’s Portland field office said, in a statement. “In some cases, the cameras are used for facial recognition so the TV knows who is watching and can suggest programming appropriately. There […]

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Case of monkeypox confirmed in England after patient had traveled to Nigeria

At least one person in England has been diagnosed with a rare viral infection known as monkeypox, Public Health England (PHE) confirmed this week. The patient, who was not identified, is from southwest England but likely contracted the disease while visiting Nigeria, officials said in a news release on Wednesday. He or she is now being treated at […]

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All To Know About Cancer

Cancer is a broad term. It describes the disease that results when cellular changes cause the uncontrolled growth and division of cells. Some types of cancer cause rapid cell growth, while others cause cells to grow and divide at a slower rate. Certain forms of cancer result in visible growths called tumors, while others, such […]

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What to know about small testicles

Testicles come in many different shapes and sizes. It is also common for one testicle to be slightly larger than the other and for one testicle to hang lower. Due to this extensive variability, there are several different ways to measure a person’s testicles. One measurement looks at volume, which averages about 20 cubic centimeters (cm³). Another […]

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Are kissing bugs dangerous? Here’s what to know

The kissing bug is a blood-sucking insect that attacks humans for food. They tend to bite around the mouth and eye region on the face. These bugs transmit a dangerous disease called Chagas. Chagas is transmitted through the feces of the kissing bug. Symptoms of the disease include diarrhea, rashes or hives, nausea, fainting, shortness […]

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What is a hemorrhoid and how can you get rid of it?

Hemorrhoids, or piles, are swollen veins in the rectal area. The walls of these blood vessels often become so thin that they swell and become painful. Hemorrhoids, or piles, are swollen veins in the rectal area. The walls of these blood vessels often become so thin that they swell and become painful. Hemorrhoids are one […]

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4 Common Side Effect Of Contraceptives

Birth control pills are a type of female hormonal birth control method and are very effective at preventing pregnancy. The Pills are small tablets that you swallow each day. Most pills contain two types of synthetic (man-made) female hormones: estrogen and progestin. These are similar to the estrogen and progesterone normally made by the ovaries. […]

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Incredible photos show baby boy born ‘en caul’ – still INSIDE his protective amniotic sac

The newborn was delivered by C-section at 36 weeks, floating in his protective balloon. It was two minutes before the newborn could take his first breath – as medics pierced the sheath surrounding him. The unnamed tot was born “en caul” – meaning the sac protecting him didn’t burst as it should when he was […]

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Katie Piper shares harrowing photo of acid attack injuries for first time

KATIE Piper has taken to Instagram to share a harrowing photo of herself showing her burned face after she was attacked with acid in 2008. The former Strictly star revealed the extent of her injuries and explain the psychological toll it had on her life. She was left blind in one eye and suffered severe burns to […]

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Addiction to Video Games is a mental health disorder: World Health Organization

According to WHO’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD), gaming addiction is “a pattern of constant or recurrent gaming behavior,” so serious that it “takes superiority over the life interests of others”. Previously, many parents were concerned but now they have a new argument to limit the ‘screen time’ of their children. Screen time is mainly […]

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‘It can kill you in seconds’: the deadly algae on Brittany’s beaches

André Ollivro stepped carefully down the grassy banks of an estuary in the bay of Saint-Brieuc, Brittany, not far from his beachfront cabin. The pungent smell of rotting eggs wafting from decomposing seaweed made him stop and put on his gas mask. It was a strange sight in what is usually a tourist hotspot. “You […]

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9 Ways to Make Doggy Style Sex More Pleasurable And Less Painful
Meet your new fave sex position.

There’s something about doggy style sex that can feel a little…less than glamourous. But the all-fours position is popular for a reason: “You can get the deepest penetration possible in this position, and you can also reach the G-spot,” says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., author of Neurolovology. Plus, Nan Wise, Ph.D., a licensed psychotherapist and certified sex […]

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Can you actually have an orgasm in your sleep?

A sleep orgasm can take a good dream and turn it into an incredible one. If you’ve never experienced the toe-curling pleasure of a nocturnal orgasm, the concept of climaxing while you’re fast asleep ― when no one (or no, er, thing) is touching you down there ― may seem far-fetched. But don’t underestimate the importance of psychological […]

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Man, 50, died of chemsex drug overdose at gay sex party hosted by pensioner

A man died after overdosing on a pleasure-enhancing drug at a gay sex party hosted by a pensioner. Nicholas Hadley, 50, joined Robert Jones, 69, at his home for the sordid party days before Christmas last yearafter chatting online. Jones organised the risqué gathering after ordering sex-enhancer GBL online. But Mr Hadley overdosed on the drug and […]


Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others?

If you’ve ever been at an outdoor party or BBQ during the fading hours of daylight and don’t personally notice an increase in the number of mosquitoes, you’ll probably hear someone complaining about it. That’s because mosquitoes are selective insects, and some people are more likely to get bites than others. There are a few […]

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Every month, your period arrives with the usual suspects in tow: cramps, bloating, fatigue—just to name a few. But it can also bring another (much, much more fun) guest to the party: a wild and crazy libido. So, yeah…it’s no coincidence you feel all kinds of horny on your period. And that’s despite the fact that you likely don’t feel your […]

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Teen goes blind and deaf after living off chips, sausages and crisps for 10 years

A teenage boy went blind and partially deaf after living off a diet of chips, bangers and crisps for a past decade. The British boy, who has remained anonymous, had such a diet he suffered from a condition normally only seen in malnourished third world children. His is believed to be the first case of […]

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‘I had to adjust to life with a different penis’ – the pain and positives of an elective circumcision

My doctor was explaining, with some awkwardness, the procedure I was soon to undergo. “The skin around your … well … when I was at school we would have said ‘bell-end’.” I was in my mid-20s, and about to have an elective adult circumcision. After experiencing some problems with bleeding and tearing, I had been […]


Johnson & Johnson Opioid Case: Why Oklahoma Lawsuit Matters

An Oklahoma judge ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million for its role in the opioid crisis in a historic ruling on Monday, marking the first time an opioid manufacturer has been deemed responsible in court and made to pay damages. It could have implications for the slew of lawsuits filed against opioid manufacturers […]

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There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Gay Gene,’ a New Study Argues

In 1993, researchers discovered a stretch of DNA on the X chromosome they believed to be linked to male homosexuality. In the years since, the concept of a “gay gene” has been a source of debate within both the scientific community and the general public, inspiring ever-larger follow-up studies over the years. A new study […]

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Vegan claims eggs are worse for you than smoking – according to her calculations

It’s no secret that smoking is one of the worst things you could for your health. So much so, the government have set an ambitious target to have eradicated smoking in the UK by 2030. But according to one vegan blogger, there is something even more detrimental to your health than smoking – and it’s […]

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What it really means when you dream about someone

Although we dream anywhere from two to five times per night, we rarely recall our dreams. According to Matthew Walker, a neuroscientist and author of Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams, people have their “most vivid, hallucinogenic, narrative, memory-laden dreams” during the REM stage of sleep. We don’t always remember them, […]

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How To Lick A Vagina

It has always been a feeling and satisfaction some women want to get. Women naturally find it difficult to reach orgasm through normal intercourse which is the vagina being stroked by the penis. So artistically and adventrously this act is being silently craved by some women. Let’s watch this video on youtube: Click To Watch

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Woman ‘burnt from inside out’ after severe reaction to medication pregnant with ‘miracle’ baby

Warned she would never conceive after being burned alive by a catastrophic reaction to epilepsy drugs, a young woman has revealed her joy at being just weeks away from giving birth to her miracle baby. Danika Heron’s nightmare began when she suddenly developed a mysterious rash just days before her 19th birthday in 2014 – […]

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Girl, 16, has GIANT clump of hair removed from stomach after 10 years of chewing.

A 16-year-old girl had a giant clump of hair removed from her stomach after 10 years of chewing it. The schoolgirl suffered from Rapunzel syndrome – where sufferers become addicted to chewing and ingesting their own hair. Collecting in her stomach for a decade, the undigested hair, weight half a kilo, gathered into a hard […]

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British royals William, Kate, Harry and Meghan launch mental health text service

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s young royals, brothers Prince William and Prince Harry and their wives Kate and Meghan, launched a new phone messaging service on Friday to help people suffering a mental health crisis. The two princes have been widely praised for speaking out about their own struggles with mental health struggles in the wake […]

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How growing numbers of EU countries are making vaccines mandatory

Will Germany join the growing numbers of EU countries that are making vaccinations mandatory in a bid to tackle measles and other disease outbreaks? Its health minister has proposed a fine of €2,500 for parents who refuse to vaccinate their children against measles as part of an effort to eradicate the disease. In an interview […]

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Former US drug czar says national focus on opioid epidemic is overlooking real culprit

When I was up in New Hampshire, they told me you [can pay] $10 for a pill –to get an Oxycontin, [but] two bucks to get heroin, three bucks to get fentanyl.” “And that’s the nature of the problem,” Bennett said. “You talk to law enforcement people that will tell you they haven’t seen a […]

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Why nurses matter now more than ever

Nursing is an emotionally, physically and mentally demanding profession. Many of the approximately 4 million registered nurses who work across all settings of care encounter workplace demands, stressors and hazards every day that other professions don’t face. They spend time standing, walking, bending, and lifting patients for extended periods each day. They are regularly in […]


Medical miracles: Child burn victims in Syria brought to US for last shot at life

She is nothing short of a medical miracle. It was sometime in 2016, amid the scourge of the Syrian war. One moment, then-15-year-old Hamama was playing in the mountains with her animals in her poor family’s remote farm in the Homs countryside. In the next moment all of her family, much of her memory, and […]

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CDC’s chicken washing warning sparks fierce debate: ‘You sound crazy’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) certainly had some cooks steaming over their tweet last week that advised consumers to stop washing raw chicken before cooking it. The April 26 tweet received nearly 1,000 comments and 1,600 retweets, with many weighing in over whether or not to follow the health agency’s advice. “We […]

london patient second patient in nearly 12 years appeared to be cured of h i v report
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‘London patient’ second patient in nearly 12 years appeared to be cured of HIV: report

A man known only as the “London patient” appeared to be cured of HIV, making him the second known patient in nearly 12 years, giving scientists new hope that an eventual cure is possible, reports said Monday. The “London patient” who was infected with HIV and suffered from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, received a bone marrow transplant […]

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World’s first living HIV-positive organ donor says she ‘wanted to make a difference’

Surgeons in Baltimore have performed what’s thought to be the world’s first kidney transplant from a living donor with HIV, a milestone for people with the AIDS virus — and one that could free up space on the transplant waiting list for everyone. Nina Martinez of Atlanta traveled to Johns Hopkins University to donate a […]

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Colorado woman who donated kidney to stranger prepares to donate part of liver to baby

A Colorado woman is set to undergo surgery Thursday to donate a portion of her liver to a sick baby, making her one of only a handful of people in the country to donate multiple organs Brandi Thornton is expected to become a “double donor” this week after she donates part of her liver to […]

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‘Black sheep’ – The mastermind of Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday bombs

KATTANKUDY, Sri Lanka (Reuters) – Mohamed Hashim Mohamed Zahran was 12 years old when he began his studies at the Jamiathul Falah Arabic College. He was a nobody, with no claim to scholarship other than ambition. Zahran and his four brothers and sisters squeezed into a two-room house with their parents in a small seaside […]

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FDA found harmful bacteria at 21 percent of ice cream plants tested after deadly 2015 listeria outbreak

It’s often the ones we love who hurt us the most — in this case, the offender being ice cream. The FDA has released a new report detailing that harmful pathogens were found at 21 percent of ice cream production facilities inspected in a recent, yearlong test, initiated following the national, deadly listeria outbreakin 2015. […]

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Ball pits are crawling with disease-causing germs that can make your kids sick, study suggests

Ball pits are colorful, fun and … crawling with germs, according to a study published late last month in the American Journal of Infection Control. To conduct the study, researchers with the University of North Georgia looked at six different ball pits used in children’s physical therapy facilities. There, the pits are used to “provide […]

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Measles outbreak sparks quarantine orders at 2 Los Angeles universities

Some students and employees at two Los Angeles universities have beenquarantined due to possible contact with themeasles virus, official said Thursday. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and California State University, Los Angeles both announced the orders this week. UCLA officials learned from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) on Monday […]

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Man who had two-day erection has tip of his penis AMPUTATED by doctors

A man in India had to have his penis partially amputated after he developed gangrene from an erection that lasted two days. The unnamed 52-year-old presented himself to doctors because he couldn’t get rid of the ‘painful and sustained’ erection. Bungling medics swiftly drained the blood from his penis, but left a catheter in and […]

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Why holding a fart in is seriously bad – and could emerge from your mouth instead

If you’ve ever doubted the age-old “better out than in” wisdom, then now is the time to stop. While breaking wind may be the sort of thing you prefer to do without an audience, this isn’t always practical or possible. We’re not suggesting you make a point of letting rip during a job interview or […]

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KNUST students make sanitary pads from banana stem

Human Rights Watch studies reveal one in ten girls in Africa skip school during menstruation because they cannot afford sanitary pad. The risk of some dropping out is also high, with the high levels poverty especially in rural communities. There is however hope of reversing the trend as two Ghanaian students develop cheaper pad from […]

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Brain dead woman gives birth to ‘miracle baby’ before life support switched off

A pregnant international sportswoman was kept alive long enough to deliver a “miracle baby” boy before her life support was switched off. Canoeist Catarina Sequeira, 26, was tragically declared brain dead in December after she suffered an acute asthma attack while she was 19 weeks pregnant. In the second case in Portugal of a baby […]

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Woman Injects Herself With Homemade Fruit Juice And Nearly Dies

Taking up extreme health trends can be disastrous, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. In the case of a 51-year-old Chinese woman identified only as Zeng, who injected a fruit juice concoction directly into her veins, it was nearly lethal. According to Global Times, Zeng, an avid believer in folk remedies, blended 20 […]

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A bottle of wine a week is as bad as smoking 10 cigarettes

Drinking one bottle of wine a week is as cancer-causing as smoking up to ten cigarettes during the same time period, a new study claims. British researchers found that downing a weekly bottle of vino is on par with smoking five cigarettes for men and 10 cigarettes for women, according to the study, published Thursday […]

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Massachusetts warns of possible measles exposure after confirmed case outside Boston

Massachusetts health officials are warning residents about possible measles exposure after a confirmed case was reported in the greater Boston area on Sunday. The person visited several locations during the infectious period, including a Starbucks and a Service Plaza on I-90, according to a health department press release. “The measles virus is currently causing large […]