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Ashton Kutcher admits ‘screwing up’ on night of girlfriend’s brutal murder

Ashton Kutcher has told a court he “screwed up” on the night his girlfriend was horrifically murdered. The 41-year-old actor told a jury he was “freaking out” after learning Ashley Ellen was brutally butchered the same evening they were due to go on a date. Ashton, then 23, had arranged to meet Ashley, 22, for […]

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Concerned mum embarrassed as she discovers what huge black mark in kid’s mouth actually is

A concerned mum was filled with fear when she noticed a huge black mark on her the top of her daughter’s mouth. Darian Depreta was playing with her gorgeous little girl Bella when she spotted the massive circular mark. She tried to wipe it off but started to panic when it didn’t disappear. She said: […]

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Son ‘raped his own MUM after pouncing on her as she was walked back from pub’

A son allegedly raped his own mother as she walked back from the pub, according to reports. The suspected rapist stands accused of dragging his mum off the road and committing the horrific crime in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, on Friday. He is suspected of setting upon his 50-year-old mum as she walked home […]


Love Island’s Anton Danyluk had holiday ORGY with four men and a woman

Love Island 2019 star Anton Danylukhas admitted having a group sex session with three other men and a random woman they picked up on holiday. The Scottish gym owner, who will make his screen debut in tonight’s launch show, confessed the five-in-a-bed orgy happened while he was in Lanzarote with his mum and dad and […]

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Mum saves baby daughter choking to death on fruit with this simple move

A quick-thinking mum saved her baby from choking to death on a piece of fruit thanks to a technique she learned on a St John Ambulance video. Lindsey Hughes, 32, watched in horror as little Phoebe’s eyes suddenly bulged, her face turned purple and she ‘convulsed’ in panic. But Lindsey grabbed her eight-month-old baby, lay […]

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Company under fire for offering bonuses to women who wear short skirts to work

It’s a move that’s been branded ‘disgusting’ and ‘sexist’ on social media. But Tatprof stand behind their decision to offer women bonuses throughout the month of June if they wear skirts or dresses to work. The Russian aluminium manufacturer has launched a ‘femininity marathon’ campaign where female employees can earn 100 roubles (£1.19) on top […]

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Satanic Temple to challenge Supreme Court abortion ruling on fetal remains

The Satanic Temple said Tuesday that in the name of religious liberty, it would challenge a Supreme Court ruling that upheld an Indiana law requiring the burial or cremation of fetal remains. The group, based in Salem, Mass., has declared immunity for its members from the law, it said in a news release. “One of […]

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Body found in search for Utah girl, 5, after uncle gives map to remains, police say

Investigators searching for a 5-year-old Utah girl uncovered a body Wednesday after her uncle — who is charged with Elizabeth Shelley’s murder — reportedly gave cops a map to her remains, officials said. The body turned up less than a block from her home, Logan Police Chief Gary Jensen said, adding investigators were working to […]

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Woman ‘burnt from inside out’ after severe reaction to medication pregnant with ‘miracle’ baby

Warned she would never conceive after being burned alive by a catastrophic reaction to epilepsy drugs, a young woman has revealed her joy at being just weeks away from giving birth to her miracle baby. Danika Heron’s nightmare began when she suddenly developed a mysterious rash just days before her 19th birthday in 2014 – […]

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Maryland man who set himself on fire near White House dies from injuries, police say

A Maryland man who set himself ablaze at a park outside the White House on Wednesday died of his injuries, authorities announced Thursday morning. The U.S. Park Police said in a news release the incident happened at 12:25 p.m. on The Ellipse, near 15th Street and Constitution Avenue south of the White House. Officials have […]

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Woman who married herself commits the ultimate sin – and cheats on herself

A sologamist from Brighton may have taken the prize for this year’s most complicated love story. Sophie Tanner, 37, made the decision to marry herself in May 2015 in a wedding ceremony that included her dad walking her down the aisle, bridesmaids and a first dance – after writing a book where a character does […]

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Love Island 2019: Amy Hart’s £20k makeover with boob job, veneers and hair extensions.

Love Island 2019 star Amy Hart has undergone a total makeover costing around £20,000 with a boob job, a full mouth of veneers and hair extensions. The air hostess, 26, from from Worthing, has battled body confidence issues in the past and told the Mirror her chest size left her feeling “self conscious”. Amy ended […]

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Famous footballer’s wife ‘found having sex in car with top police officer’ at park-and-ride.

A famous footballer’s wife was allegedly caught having sex in a car with a married police officer, it is claimed. Chief Superintendent Gareth Blair is said to have been been seen romping with the woman at a park-and-ride facility in Edinburgh, Scotland, last week. He was allegedly spotted engaging in sexual activity with the wife […]

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Man ‘who has never been to UK’ convicted of driving offence – in Lincoln

A Latvian man has been convicted of a driving offence in the UK – despite having never set foot in the country. Edmunds Brikainis, 23, who has lived in Reykavik, Iceland, since 2016, believes the blunder was linked to his identity card and driving licence being stolen when he was in Latvia. He was found […]

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Teachers develop rare cancer after working at school built on toxic landfill dump

Four teachers at a school built on a toxic landfill dump have developed the same rare form of bladder cancer . Water at Buchanan High School in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire in Scotland, was found to have turned blue sparking fears that it was dangerous to drink, the Daily Record reported . Three of the four teachers […]

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Husband and wife ‘removed Dog front toenails to make threesome easier’

A sick husband and wife duo removed their Doberman’s front nails to make a filmed threesome earlier, it is reported. Richard and Christina Patterson are accused of having sex with their Doberman Pinscher called Demon and were reportedly caught on film having sex with the dog in their master bedroom. Footage of the alleged vile […]

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Girl, 16, has GIANT clump of hair removed from stomach after 10 years of chewing.

A 16-year-old girl had a giant clump of hair removed from her stomach after 10 years of chewing it. The schoolgirl suffered from Rapunzel syndrome – where sufferers become addicted to chewing and ingesting their own hair. Collecting in her stomach for a decade, the undigested hair, weight half a kilo, gathered into a hard […]

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Horrific death of maid taken to Kuwaiti hospital with ‘cucumber in her genitals’

The gruesome death of a Philippines domestic worker in Kuwait, whose body was found “black and blue” with a cucumber in her genitals, has deepened tensions between the two nations. The death of yet another Filipino maid in the Gulf state threatens to reignite a diplomatic crisis as the Southeast Asian country – a major […]

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Sheffield ‘murders’: Mum sobs as she appears in court over deaths of sons, 14 and 13

A mother has appeared in court charged with murdering her two teenage sons. Sarah Barrass, 34, is accused of murdering Blake Barrass, 14, and 13-year-old Tristan Barrass following an incident in the Shiregreen area of Sheffield on Friday. She appeared in the dock at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court alongside Brandon Machin, 37, who is also accused […]

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Game of Thrones bosses explain REAL reason for Daenerys Targaryen’s actions

Hell hath no fury like a dragon queen scorned and Daenerys Targaryen didn’t hold back on her firepower on King’s Landing as Game of Thrones took a dark turn. So far, Daenerys has promised her will be a peaceful reign in the Seven Kingdoms when she takes her ‘rightful’ place on the Iron Throne but […]

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‘Evil’ mum let ‘brute’ rapist husband impregnate her daughter, 12, three times

A mother who burst into tears as she was jailed today for letting her husband rape and impregnate her daughter three times when she was only 12 years old, was told by a judge that she must take her guilt to her grave. The 44-year-old was described in court as an evil and wicked step-father […]

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Game of Thrones: Jon Snow’s fate was revealed by Catelyn Stark and EVERYONE missed it

The fate of Jon Snow had been predicted on Game of Thrones fairly early on in the series and we all missed it, until fans of the show looked back. Jon was exiled to The Wall to join the Night’s Watch, after he murdered Daenerys Targaryen in a bid to save the Seven Kingdoms from […]

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Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington ‘checks into rehab for stress and alcohol’

Kit Harington has checked into luxury rehab after the finale of Game of Thrones “really hit him hard.” The 32-year-old actor played Jon Snow throughout the eight seasons of the HBO series but found the finale of the series ‘stressful’. This is especially after he found out that his character murdered Daenerys Targaryen in the […]

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Parent’s trauma as ‘miracle baby’ suffers three cardiac arrests in front of them.

A couple watched their son almost die three times in a terrifying ordeal that ended in their boy being given a two per cent chance of survival. Riley Dibble was born with a heart defect and went into cardiac arrest as soon as he was delivered at a hospital in Birmingham last year. His parents […]

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British personal trainer Dannie Lea, 29, found beaten to death in the Bahamas

A personal trainer was found beaten to death in the Bahamas on a Caribbean island. The body of personal trainer Dannie Lea was discovered on the lawn of a home in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. Paramedics were called at around 5pm on May 19 but Dannie, from Stoke-on-Trent, was pronounced dead at the […]

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The darker side of David Beckham revealed.

He’s long been the face of English football with his scene-stealing dress sense, celebrity marriage and role as adoring father to four children. However, as David Beckham was banned from driving today after being caught using his phone behind the wheel, it looks like the public’s love affair with the ex-England captain could be wearing […]

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Mum accused of killing sons remanded in custody until trial

A mother will go on trial later this year charged with murdering her two teenage sons. Sarah Barrass, 34, is accused of killing her teenage sons Tristan and Blake Barrass, aged 13 and 14 respectively, following an incident at a house in Sheffield. She appeared at Sheffield Crown Court alongside 37-year-old Brandon Machin, who is […]


Florida man, 73, fatally shot wife because she was being ‘disrespectful,’ police say

A Florida man told police he fatally shot his wife in the face during a Wednesday night argument because he didn’t like her “disrespectful” tone, police said. Fernando De Baere, 73, faces murder charges in the killing of his 47-year-old wife, Maria Sherman, the Sun-Sentinel reported Friday. De Baere allegedly shot his wife in the […]

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India to launch lunar mission that would be first to explore moon’s south pole region

India is planning to send a spacecraft to the moon this summer, with a robotic lander and rover scheduled to touch down on the lunar surface in early September. If it’s successful, the Chandrayaan-2 mission will make India the fourth nation to land a craft on the moon. So far, only the U.S., the Soviet […]

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How growing numbers of EU countries are making vaccines mandatory

Will Germany join the growing numbers of EU countries that are making vaccinations mandatory in a bid to tackle measles and other disease outbreaks? Its health minister has proposed a fine of €2,500 for parents who refuse to vaccinate their children against measles as part of an effort to eradicate the disease. In an interview […]

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‘We will emerge victorious’: Turkish opposition vows to defeat Erdogan in poll re-run

Turkey’s opposition issued a rallying call on Tuesday for voters to re-elect the ousted mayor of Istanbul after his victory was overturned by officials. The Republican People’s Party (CHP) ignored calls to boycott an election re-run, instead pledging to inflict a second defeat on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s party. Imamoglu earned a narrow victory over […]

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Kamala Harris on ‘electability’: Pundits have it all wrong about impact of gender, race

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris said on Tuesday she believes the “pundits” have it wrong about the electability of women in the race. “Every office that I’ve run for, in particular, running for (San Francisco) district attorney and then running for (California) attorney general, no one like me had ever done the job based on […]

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Accused founder of upstate New York sex cult goes on trial in US

Keith Raniere, a former self-help guru, on Tuesday went on trial in the US on charges of running a secretive New York sex cult that recruited female “slaves”. The 58-year-old American allegedly then starved and branded the women with his initials as well as blackmailing them into having sex with him. Raniere was the leader […]

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Judge says Coast Guard officer accused of plotting domestic terror attack can be released

A Coast Guard officeraccused of stockpiling guns and compiling a hit listof prominent Democrats and network TV journalists can be released on strict supervision to one of his in-laws while he awaits trial, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. Judge Charles Day agreed to delay the release while prosecutorsappeal the decision. Christopher Hasson, 50, a Coast […]

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Forget a United States of Europe: This politician wants an EU of regions and cities

Forget the United States of Europe: one part of the green-left movement wants to counter “nationalists and racists” with a vision of a Republic of Europe consisting not of national states but of cities and regions. The proposal comes from Austria and Johannes Voggenhuber, a former Green MEP until 2009 but who now has new […]

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Republicans signal new willingness to pass disaster aid bill

After months of stalemate and with pressure mounting on Congress, Republicans on Capitol Hill indicated Tuesday that they are open to supporting a multi-billion dollar disaster package that would also provide funding for Puerto Rico. The movement came after Vice President Mike Pence met with Senate Republicans for their weekly policy lunch and indicated that […]

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Democrats’ constitutional clash with Trump ramps up

President Donald Trump and Congress careened closer to a constitutional crisis Tuesday, as Democrats continued to struggle with what many of them view as competing impulses to impeach the president and to follow a more politically cautious path. In the morning, the White House instructed former counsel Don McGahn to ignore a subpoena for documents […]

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Pompeo makes unannounced trip to Iraq, citing threats from Iran

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called off a planned visit to Germany and instead made an unannounced trip to Iraq on Tuesday, a day after the Trump administration said Iran posed a growing threat to U.S. forces and interests in the Middle East. Pompeo spent about four hours on the ground, meeting Iraqi Prime Minister […]

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‘Serial rapist’ snared by hero cabbie after ‘attacking NINE people’

A brave cabbie has been credited with helping arrest a suspected rapist after he allegedly went on the rampage – attacking nine people in the space of 12 hours. Joseph McCann is accused of snatching nine people, seven of which were children – as well as raping and 11-year-old boy. The suspected rapist was arrested […]

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Mum’s cheap teeth whitening kit left her looking like she had botched lip fillers

A mum woke in horror after her cut price teeth whitening kit left her looking like she’d had botched lip fillers. Clare Clark thought she’d stumbled on a bargain when she bought the £60 teeth whitening kit, especially as she have it done at home. But the 42-year-old suffered a terrible allergic reaction to the […]

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Australia PM Scott Morrison egged on campaign trail

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been egged by a protester while campaigning ahead of the nation’s general election. The egg grazed Mr Morrison’s head but did not break, local media said. The incident also knocked an elderly woman to the ground. Footage showed a 25-year-old woman being restrained at the scene. Police later said […]

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Trophy hunting: Gove ‘cautious’ over ban on imports

The UK will not be banning imports from trophy hunting yet, Michael Gove has told BBC Radio 5 Live. The Environment Secretary said it was a “delicate political balancing act”. He said he had been advised by wildlife charities to “be cautious” in following other countries in outlawing imports from the controversial sport. Trophy hunting […]