The 10 Most Expensive Divorces Of All Time

10 MEL GIBSON AND ROBYN MOORE Mel Gibson, critically acclaimed actor and director, divorced Robyn Moore, his wife of thirty years, in 2006. The couple met in Australia in the late 70s, where Moore was working as a dental nurse. Over the course of their marriage, they had seven children together, one of whom was... Continue Reading →

Cockroach Milk’ Is Really A Thing, And It’s Now Among The Newest ‘Superfoods

Last year saw some really strange health fads come to the fore, with tiger nut milk, broccoli coffee, mon milk and cockroach milk all emerging as trends for people seeking complete wellness. Most of these have since cooled but cockroach milk is coming back around and, according to a report from Insider, there are many... Continue Reading →

The 10 Richest Musicians Of 2019

The small pool of musicians who achieve worldwide fame likely also boasts an impressive net worth. Between securing chart-topping singles, endorsement deals, and even using their knowledge of the music business to start their own record labels, being a famous singer can be an extremely lucrative profession. Even so, there is an even smaller, elite... Continue Reading →

This Woman’s Gene Mutation Allows Her To Feel No Pain Whatsoever

A woman in Scotland has lived with a gene mutation that prevents her from feeling any pain for 65 years and didn't even realize. Many of us have likely dreamt of having superpowers, especially with how popular superhero movies have become over the past decade. The ability to fly, turn invisible, or to heal ourselves... Continue Reading →

The 10 Craziest Things Ariana Grande Has Ever Bought

Even if you don't listen to her music, everyone at least knows the name Ariana Grande. Over the last decade, the pop princess has become a global superstar across many genres of music, as well as in the acting scene, and recently has entered the top 100 influential people in the world. She began her... Continue Reading →

Mum, 30, shot boyfriend dead in his sleep ‘after years of sex abuse and torture’

A mum-of-two has been convicted ofmurder after she shot her long-time boyfriend in 'self defence' following years of abuse. Nicole Addimando, 30, was found guilty of second-degree murder on Friday for shooting and killing gymnastics coach Christopher Grover at their apartment in Poughkeepsie, New York in September 2017.She faces life in prison at her sentencing... Continue Reading →

Student, 22, plunged to death from clock tower ‘while taking Instagram photo’

A university student plummeted to her death from a 40ft bell tower while trying to take Instagram photos of the New York skyline. Sydney Paige Monfries, 22, from Portland, Oregon, suffered fatal injuries following the horror plunge at Fordham University campus in New York, weeks before graduation.The New York Police Department said Sydney went to... Continue Reading →

Teen can’t wait to marry best friend’s mum – who he’s known since he was 11

18-year-old Chase Gabbard first made a move on mum-of-three Jaimee Brown, 39, after they met when Chase was 11, through him becoming best friends with her son Jaice, now 16. The pair, from Corbin, Kentucky, USA, spent years getting to know one another and became closer from 2013 when they began jogging together to help... Continue Reading →

Woman creates her own naked cleaning company – and already has 15 staff member

A woman has created her own naked cleaning company, and she already employs 15 people – including three men – who charge between £55 to £75 an hour depending on the level of nudity. Victoria, 25, started the company after testing the waters herself by cleaning homes in the buff in Edinburgh, where she lives.... Continue Reading →

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