For inside statement wey di Nigeria Waec Head office oga, Patrick Areghan release, na total of 1,573,849 candidates register for di exam from 19,425 recognised secondary schools for di kontri.

WAEC say out of di number wey register for di exam, 1,560,261 candidates siddon to write di exam.

Out of di total number of candidates wey sit for di exam for Nigeria, WAEC say dem don already process and release di result of 1,256,990 candidates, wey represent 80.56% of all di candidates.

Also, WAEC still dey process di results of 303,271 candidate wey represent 19.44% of candidates. Reason na sake of say di candidates get some issues wit dia subjects.

1,560,261 candidates na im get credit and above for a minimum of any five subjects wit or witout English Language plus Mathematics.

1,274,784 candidates get credits and above for a minimum of five subjects, plus English Language and Mathematics.

WAEC say dem seize di results of 170,146 candidates wey get hand for different kain reported cases of exam mago-mago.

Out of di (1,560,261 candidates wey sit for di exam, 784,677 na males, 775,584 na females, wey represent 50.29% and 49.71%, respectively.

Dia report also show say na total of 1,539 candidates, wey get different kain degree of Special Needs, na im register for di exam.

Out of dis number, 460 get eye challenges, 582 get hearing problems;

362 dey mentally challenged and 59 dey physically challenged.

WAEC say di Result Checker PIN and Serial Number wey candidates need to check dia results online don already dey di Candidate Smart Identity Card wey dem use wen dem dey write di exam.

How to check your WAEC result

Log enta di WAEC result checking portal,

Enta your 10-digit WAEC Examination Number.- Dis na your 7-Digit centre number wey your 3-digit candidate number go now follow eg. 4123456789)

Enta di 4 digits of your Examination Year eg. 2002

Select di Type of Examination

Enta di e-PIN Voucher Number

Enta di Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your e-PIN

Click submit and wait for di results window to come up.

Certificates of candidates wey dem don already process and release dia result go ready within di next 90 days, counting from today, na so WAEC tok. Read More

By Ian Dei

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