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Travis Scott just released his new song “Franchise,” featuring Young Thug and M.I.A., along with a music video he directed himself.

The colorful video was shot in the U.K. and at Michael Jordan’s insane Chicago-area mansion, and it premiered in IMAX theaters Thursday night ahead of showings of Christopher Nolan‘s Tenetwhich is soundtracked by Scott’s song “The Plan.” The rapper has also released a lyric videoa visualizer, and an inside-the-studio look to “fully build out the world of ‘Franchise.'”

Earlier Thursday, Scott tweeted a note of encouragement from Nolan. “Travis — Love the video (on film, no less!),” it reads. “I can’t wait to hear it on the IMAX speakers, and see those sheep stampede across the giant screen as part of a Travis/Tenet/Travis sandwich! Great work, Chris.”

In a recent GQ profile of Scott, Nolan described the rapper’s voice and contribution to the Tenet soundtrack as “the final piece of a yearlong puzzle.”

Scott has been steadily making moves this year, including songs with the likes of Kanye West (“Wash Us in the Blood”), Rosalía (“TKN”), Young Thug (“Out West”), and Kid Cudi (“The Scotts”). The Houston-bred artist has also teased an upcoming joint album with Cudi and recently debuted his own McDonald’s meal.

Watch the video for “Franchise” above. Read More

By Ian Dei

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