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Will Smith: Off The Deep End (Discovery, 9 p.m., one-hour special): It’s Shark Week, a week in which the Discovery Channel /celebrates some of the most magnificent creatures on earth/ airs TV programs about sharks, movies about sharks, movies about unlikely meteorological phenomena and sharks, and this year, a thing in which Will Smith does something with sharks. Take it away, press release!

Will Smith is diving headfirst into action, excitement, and shark infested waters, as he confronts his fear of the open seas and the open jaws of nature’s fiercest predators.

In lieu of a trailer, please enjoy this clip from Shark Tale, featuring Will Smith.

And be sure to check out Katie Rife’s can’t-miss interview with Shark Week co-host Paul de Gelder. There are also lots of other shark things to watch. Sharks!


By Ian Dei

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