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Carol Vorderman: Countdown legend suffers ‘horrendous’ travel drama due to Storm Brendan

CAROL VORDERMAN – the presenter who rose to fame on quiz Countdown – has revealed the “tricky” situation she suffered last night as Storm Brendan batters the UK with stormy weather.

Carol Vorderman took to Twitter this morning to discuss the “horrendous” and “tricky” drive she had due to Storm Brendan. The Countdown favourite spoke out in view of her 421,000 followers, saying she was eager for the weather front to “move on” as soon as possible.

Storm Brendan has brought winds of nearly 90mph to parts of the UK, with weather warnings remaining in force.

And the 59-year-old very much felt the effects, with her journey home taking as long as six hours.

Carol posted: “#StormBrendan and I had an ‘interesting’ 6-hour drive together last night… tricky one.”

The mother-of-two thankfully continued: “Arrived late, but safe and sound. Hope all travellers managed the same. Head. Pillow. Hit.”

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