London Bridge hero who tackled terrorist with fire extinguisher is a killer on parole

A HERO who tackled the London Bridge terrorist with a fire extinguisher is a killer on parole.

Victim Jack Merritt was a prison rehab mentor to fire extinguisher hero John Crilly — and would be so proud of him, friends and colleagues said yesterday.

last yearCredit: MEN Media

John Crilly, 48, who is on parole following a manslaughter conviction and jail sentence, fought back after seeing pal Jack knifed in the chest.

He selflessly chased after 28-year-old terrorist Usman Khan.

Dramatic video showed John on the bridge spraying Khan with the extinguisher last Friday while another man tackled the fiend with a narwhal tusk and a third punched him to the ground.

Afterwards, Crilly paid tribute to victim Jack — calling him “the best guy I ever met”.


Jack’s associates hailed John’s bravery as they commented on the footage, shared on social media.

Michelle Feather wrote: “I honestly think your friend would be proud of you John Crilly for your actions, so many people could have died if it wasn’t for your quick thinking!! Be proud of yourself.”

“You’re a brave man John massive hugs to you!!

“Would have you by my side any day you deserve a medal.”Read More

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