Gabby Allen leaks I’m a celeb style Mylea ‘sexts’ as revenge amind Dan Osborne fling claim

Gabby Allen has waged war on her ex Myles Stephenson.

The Love Island bombshell has exposed a catalogue of sexts women claim to have received from her ex Myles while she was in a relationship with him.

Also Gabby made her former flame’s grovelling Whatsapp messages begging for her to take him back public.

She lashed out at her ex after he made allegations Gabby had cheated on Dan Osborne while in conversation with his wife Jacqueline Jossa in unaired scenes on I’m A Celeb.

In retaliation, Gabby has dropped the bombshell leaking all of the sexts she was bombarded with by a string of women who claimed to have had flings with Myles.

Gabby wrote: “I just want to reiterate/ set the record straight. I have tried to bite my tongue and keep my dignity after discovering the new endless determined pursuit of women and a long term affair that Myles undertook.

“I wanted to deal with this break up privately but I have been left with no choice after deflective behaviour and my name being questioned

“So, will stand up for myself but I’m not going to talk about this again after today. Thanks to all the girls who came forward and sent me details of Myles’ cheating.

“You will see how hard it has been to digest all of this. Have a little look yourself.”

It was alleged the I’m A Celeb star had flirted up a storm with one woman while his then-girlfriend was rushed to hospital with an allergic reaction in Thailand…Read More


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