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The vagina is one of the most important parts of a woman’s body. Which needs to be kept clean.When you mess up, you end up buying all sort of ‘fake’ products to make it better.

Difference between the vagina and the vulva

The vulva is part of the vagina. The vagina has the external part and the internal part. The external part is the vulva, so when you look down what you see is the vulva and the opening of the vagina.

There is no special soap out there which is use to clean the vulva. Mild unscented soap can be use since they dont cause any irritations. Strong scented soap causes irritations so is advisable not to use them and they also distrupt the vagina ph which in turn damage the good bacterial that lives in there to protect the place.

The internal part of the vagina should never be washed with soap or with any other chemical. The place clean itself by secreting fluid which clear any unwanted organisms. When you washed the internal part with soap, you will kill the organism then there won’t be any organism protecting the place you end up getting all sort of infections.

Steps in washing the vagina

  • Don’t be in a hurry
  • Make sure you have enough water
  • Squat or open your legs wide enough to wash well
  • Don’t use sponge to wash the external part. Use only the water and mild soap if you are using soap
  • Use you hands to open the the parts of the vulva,( clitoris,labia majora,labia minora,clitoris)
  • Wash the place with the water alone or with soap gently
  • After washing for a 1-2minutes rub your clitoris with you finger and smell it, if you dont smell and urine traces or any other smell then you can stop washing
  • Dry the place with clean towel and wear clean loose underpants

By Ian Dei

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