the clay oven

Bread has been one of the most common foods man has ever made. Amazingly, about 99% of the whole population on earth loves it. It has this instant satisfaction it brings to the consumer. Bread comes in different sizes and shapes; according to the origin or the natives of the land. Even, according to the preference of the consumer and the baker.

Ingredients, which is also a choice. Lately different diets have also changed the course of ingredients added to bread. Some prefer adding flavors like: apple, banana, tuna, beef, no yeast, little yeast, etc.

Moreover, the way they are baked is also of concern. There is the traditional method, which bakers use the old style oven. That is mud-made-oven and they are typically built to assume the semi-circular shape. And they burn fire wood to generate heat inside the oven, and this heat tends to bake the bread effectively if managed with experience.

 Also there is this modern style of bread making where the baker uses a metallic built oven which uses the LPG to generate heat. This style of baking is effective because heat can be regulated easily and with preference.

the clay oven
the clay oven

Well back to the traditional method of bread making, this method caught my attention when I saw a local bread making company using it. So I went closer and asked for permission to shoot it from the owner. Yes, eventually I recorded it with my camera (LUMIX FZ82). After I followed the method for some number of days, I realized the whole method was not all traditional after all because the baker sends the flour together with the ingredients to “THE MACHINE”. Yes, that is how the locals call it. And this is the flour mixer which they use to mix the flour into a bulb of dough.

After this, they transport it to their bakery and cut them into considerable sizes and weight. They put them into saucepans and leave it overnight for the yeast to raise the bread. I caught up with them at dawn, when they were about to bake it. The dawn was cold, even the oven was feeling it. So the baker set fire in the oven again and warmed it for about thirty minute and after he cleared the ashes and began stuffing the oven with the dough.

Surprisingly, he did not close the oven while baking because the temperature in the oven was just enough. Let’s watch the video:

By Ian Dei

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