Nicole Kidman Suffers Makeup Malfunction During Red Carpet for Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean

Nicole Kidman suffered a makeup malfunction in Monaco over the weekend. The actress was attending the Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean on Thursday, where she was photographed with her makeup noticeably unfinished. Pictures from the event are still circulating online.

Kidman had white powder around her eyes and nose on Thursday, in photos from the high profile event. The bridge of her nose was particularly noticeable, apparently a different skin tone from the rest of her face at a distance. The actress took the whole thing in stride, smiling as always for the camera.

Some speculated that Kidman has used makeup with “flashback” material, a common issue for events with a lot of cameras. Certain ingredients reflect the light from flash photography, making it look like there are streaks or patches, as in Kidman’s case.

Kidman has had this issue before, showing similar powdery marks at the premiere for her movie Nine in 2009, for example. At the time, the tip of her nose was streaked with powder, as it arched under her eyes as well.

Of course in this case, Kidman was not the main focus of the event. The actress was there to support ocean conservation efforts, along with several other A-listers. She was joined on the red carpet by Gwen Stefani, Uma Thurman and Adriana Lima, among others.

Kidman wore a smart black dress that was sheer above the bodice on Thursday. The long sleeves were see-through as well, down to the cuffs at the wrist. Her shoes even matched the dress, with black bottoms and a clear section around the top.

It is a good time for Kidman, who is right in the middle of several big projects. The actress was in Season 2 of Big Little Lies earlier this year, which saw huge ratings in spite of the critical gripes. Last month, her new movie The Goldfinch premiered as well. Kidman has one more project slated for release this year — Bombshell, which comes out in December…Continue Reading


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