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Khoe’s words come after ex-basketball star Tristan continued his charm offensive, claiming he wants to be ‘good with her’.

In recent days, Tristan has reportedly vowed to the best co-parent to their 17-month-old daughter, True.

A source has told People : “Tristan wants to be a good, present dad to True.

“He’s committed to raising her in a loving environment and also wants to be in a good place with Khloé.”

After hitting the low after the Jordyn Woods scandal, Khloe and Tristan have been slowly repairing their relationship.

It will never get back to romantic levels again, according to sources, but it seems they will try to be on an amicable footing for True, if no-one else.

The source added: “After everything they’ve been through, things have finally gotten to a calmer place.

“Neither would completely rule out a reconciliation down the line.”

Khloe had earlier indicated that she had hoped there would be a way back for Tristan as she ‘wanted to work it out for True’.Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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