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When you work so hard, take a leaf out of Davina McCall’s book – do not be ashamed to show it off. It seems like a breath of fresh air that presenter Davina has held her hands up and admitted she loves a ‘shameless selfie’, showing off her washboard abs and dedication to a healthy fitness regime. Davina has long battled trolls who have dubbed her ‘too skinny’ or an ‘exercise addict’, but the resilient star is fighting back and is owning it. ‘Shameless bikini selfie. End of,’ Davina wrote. Davina, who has joined the cast of This Morning, keeps her fans up-to-date with her fitness schedule whether its crunching some abs, going to spin or even a run.

On Sunday, she wrote: ‘Moorrrrrrrning …. jog/walk still on hip rest .. had mri .. just time needed to get back to normal. Never thought I’d say that I’m so pleased that one day I’ll be able to run again.’ On bank holiday Monday, the star shared a make-up free selfie from bed, as she wrote: ‘Ok . So I just wanted to say that I do not spend my entire life working out! I know my insta would have you believe that … but I hope that , just like others inspire me on this platform, i might inspire or motivate someone by sharing my love of fitness. Having said that.. today i am motivating you to also have rest days 🎉🥳 🤗 i am in bed. Where I will be staying for a while! Have a lovely day #restday #oygdavina #fitness.’ Go on Davina!

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By Ian Dei

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