If you’re like us, we know you just can’t wait till Wednesday’s episode of “Big Brother 21″ to find out who won Saturday’s Final 5 Power of Veto competition. Then keep reading as we’ve been watching the live feeds since they were turned on following Thursday’s live episode and have the latest #BB21 spoilers. We know who won the competition to become  the Week 11 Head of Household, which two houseguests they nominated for eviction, who claimed the game-changing POV and what this mean for the Final 4.

The Final 5 Head of Household competition was delayed till late Friday morning to give the five remaining houseguests time to recover from the double eviction on Thursday’s live show. Jackson Michie proved to be a powerhouse and secured his third HOH win in four weeks. He and his bestie Holly Allen knew that they wanted to target Tommy Bracco for eviction on September 12. He then filled out the roster of nominations by making Cliff Hogg the pawn.

Cliff had acted as the pawn last week as well. That was as a renom after Tommy won the POV and threw a lifeline to his pal Christie Murphy. While this allowed Christie to delay being evicted, she was sent packing during the second half of the live episode when she was nominated by HOH Nicole Anthony.

Tommy had also won the Power of Veto back in Week 7 and done the same for Christie then. This week marks the first time that he was playing to save himself from eviction. Tommy and the rest of the remaining houseguests took part in the Week 11 POV competition on Saturday.

The feeds were offline for almost five hours and returned with a shot of Nicole wearing the veto. As of this writing she says she is going to use it to remove her pal Cliff from the line-up. That will force Jackson to name Holly as the renom. Will Cliff and Nicole vote to evict her or Tommy?

We won’t know for sure till Monday’s POV ceremony if Nicole follows through on her threat. So for now vote in our poll as to whether you want to see Cliff or Tommy sent packing on Thursday. And be sure to sound off in the comments section with your thoughts on the season so far…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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