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Jamie Lloyd’s tale of adultery is a Broadway revival of Harold Pinter’s 1978 script, Betrayal. Driven by reverse chronology in the narrative, ‘Betrayal’ explores human duplicity. The drama focuses on three main characters- Robert played by Tom Hiddleston, Jerry played by Charlie Cox, and Emma by Zawe Ashton, entangled in extramarital liaisons. Emma is married to Robert but is in love with Jerry who is Robert’s closest pal.

The drama boasts for a stellar cast imported from last spring’s London production, classic script and masterful direction. The play designed in a monochromatic set on stage opens in reverse order with an upsetting scene of the former lovers sitting in a cafe, 2 years after the break-up. In 90 minutes, viewers are taken on a 9-year-long journey that concludes on Emma & Jerry’s first kiss when their illicit 7-year-long affair began as it moves through time.

A minimalist set-up play like this heavily relies on the performances. Tom Hiddleston delivers elegance with his restrained performance. His body language screams complicated emotions where one moment, he is distraught over the dual betrayal from his friend and wife, and in next, could take his best friend’s head off. Tom brought Robert’s unhealed emotional wounds exemplary on the stage.

Zawe Ashton is articulate in her act. As a woman ripped between two men, Ashton is a composition of mannerism and grace who subtly brings out her distinct emotions for two men simultaneously. Charlie Cox is engaging as affable Jerry, who is the least complex character out of the three. He uses his charm and sensuality to win over Emma, as it was noted in the ending scene…Continue Reading /

By Ian Dei

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