Rochelle Gray, now 28, was just ten when Anokye Andrews, 44, raped her for the first time during a seven-year nightmare ordeal.

The terrified schoolgirl was impregnated three times – once at the age of just 12 – by the monster.

But when she opened up to mum Mary-Louisa Andrews, she was branded a “liar” and “attention seeker” – with the 50-year-old even helping cover up the abuse.

Anokye Andrews was this year convicted of rape and a string of sexual offences and jailed for 20 years, while Mary Andrews was given five years for child cruelty.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Rochelle said: “With the pair behind bars, I finally feel safe.

“But I’ll never get over the betrayal from my mother, and how she handed me to that monster.

“Now I want other survivors to know that they can get justice too.”

Rochelle’s mum started dating Andrews in 2000 and at first, the fiend treated her like a “princess”.

But just five months later – after the couple got engaged – Andrews abused Rochelle for the first time as they watched TV together.

She was then forced to plaster a smile on her face a week later at her mum’s wedding.

Rochelle said: “Over the next week, I hid in my room to avoid Anokye.

“Then one afternoon, he stripped naked in front of me.

“That was the first time he raped me.

“As I lay frozen, I heard Mum hoovering upstairs.

“I wanted to scream for help, but I was scared of what would happen to me.”

From then on, Andrews raped Rochelle four times a week – causing her to fall pregnant at just 12 years old.

She told her mum that the dad was a boy from school and was driven to a clinic where she had an abortion.

Sickeningly, the pregnancy didn’t stop Andrews from raping his daughter and just two years later, she fell pregnant again.

This time, Rochelle told her mum Andrews had been raping her for years and that he was the dad – but in a cruel twist, Mary-Louisa helped cover up her husband’s depraved crimes.

She said: “She called me a liar and an attention seeker. “My heart broke and I burst into tears.

“I begged her to believe me, but she laughed about it with Anokye.

“The following week, Mum drove me to the hospital for another abortion. There she forced me to lie and tell them it was my boyfriend’s baby.

“I was disgusted. She knew I’d been raped, but didn’t care.”Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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