EastEnders aired the death of a character on Friday night, while two other show favourites were left in danger after being shot.

The episode picked up after the scenes at the end of Thursday’s stint in Walford, as killer teen Hunter Owen took hostages in The Queen Vic.

The gun went off and someone was shot, while it wasn’t revealed until the latest episode that the victim was none other than Ben Mitchell.

Ben was dying in Callum Highway’s arms as those around him begged Hunter to let them get help – but Hunter refused and continued to take everyone hostage.

Things escalated when he tried to make a getaway, and grabbed pregnant Louise as his hostage in case the police tried to shoot him.

Her mum Lisa Fowler and dad Phil Mitchell begged him to let her go but Hunter held a gun to her head and fled outside.

Inside the pub, residents battled to save Ben while outside on the Square Keanu and Sharon feared for Louise’s life.

Hunter dragged her towards the officers before telling them he needed a car to get away, or Lou would die.

Louise begged for hers and her unborn baby’s lives, before fiancĂ© Keanu hopped under the police tape and ran to save her.

But Hunter then turned the gun on him and shot him, before pushing Louise to the floor and raising the gun to her…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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