Amid the destruction Hurricane Dorian brought down upon Great Abaco in the Bahamas this week, Brian Symonette lost his shoes. As he’s traveled around the island in Dorian’s aftermath to get supplies and care for his family, he’s been forced to walk over the feces and debris-strewn ground barefoot. His feet are gashed and his toenails are falling off, he says, but the 34-year-old crab fishing business owner knows he’s been relatively lucky.

“I’ve seen dead bodies. I’ve seen bodies of people crushed by debris, hanging out [of] windows. It’s not good,” Symonette tells TIME.

“I’ve seen seven dead bodies under a [shipping] container… It looks to me like the 40-ft container flew up and crushed all of them at the same time. The storm was so intense that it picked those things up like paper and flew them around,” Symonette says. “You can’t imagine a 40-ft container coming down on you and pinning you down.”

Symonette’s girlfriend, 23-year-old Dayna Hill, says her grandfather was killed by falling debris when he stepped outside during the storm. “He was trying to get out of the house when the house collapsed. First he got pinned in his truck, and once his son was able to get him out of the truck, he was struck by a heavy object that cracked his skull,” Symonette explains.

Hill is four months pregnant and is desperate to get an ultrasound; she and Symonette are afraid that all the stress will harm their unborn child.

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By Ian Dei

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