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The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has declared a strikeover what it terms as untold pressure and hardship brought on to teachers by the newly introduced human resource management information system. (HRMIS).

According to NAGRAT President, Angel Carbonu, the HRMIS acquired by the Public Services Commission, has created a lot of setbacks for teachers which is affecting their work.

Outstanding salary arrears, delays in promotion, additional responsibility allowance, delays in receiving promotion letters and the inability to seek transfer are some of the issues the president said, are affecting the teachers across the country.

He told Isreal Laryea on the Midday News on Joy FM that, the system procured by the Public Services Commission, is incompatible with the scheme of services of the Ghana Education Service (GES

“We have complained about the system to no avail. Now teachers have also begun working on long hours,” Mr Carbonu stated.

He explained he does not understand why teachers should be used as pawns in a game.

Mr Carbonu is calling on all teachers to stay out of their schools until further notice.

“For those who are yet to reopen, stay away from the school premises even when they reopen,” he added…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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