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Just when we thought we couldn’t love the Black-ish actress and happy-making-fashion clothes-horse more, Tracee Ellis Ross dropped a beauty bomb of joy on Instagram this week, announcing the imminent launch of her hair care brand, Pattern Beauty.

The activist and actress shared the news via a post of herself, starkers and stunning, with her curly hairresplendently crowned by the words ‘sometimes it’s just all about the hair’. Curly hair, specifically, is the focus for Ross, who has been working on the concept for a whopping TWENTY years.

@patternbeauty is the result of 20 years of dreaming, 10 years in the making (I wrote my first brand pitch in 2008, right when girlfriends finished )’, the actress wrote in her post. The last two years have been spent formulating with chemists, perfecting the curl-enhancing products.

As the daughter of disco and hair icon Diana Ross, you might think that Tracee would have been born with a handle on her natural texture, but – in a recent post on her feed – she revealed that her relationship with her hair has been a rocky one.

‘Growing up, society told me there was a right way to wear my hair and a right way to look. Those ideals didn’t match what I saw in the mirror, so I tried to beat my curls into submission – putting body lotion in my hair, sleeping in rollers, blowouts, relaxers, texturizers, ponytails so tight they gave me a headache; and I even whipped out an iron (the kind you use for clothes) in an attempt to straighten it that way.’

Clearly frustrated with the options, or lack thereof, for those with ‘coily and tight-textured hair’, Pattern Beauty was conceived. After testing 74 samples with a panel, ‘phase one’ launches with seven formulas set to ‘empower and nourish’ curly hair, including a shampoo, three conditioners plus a leave-in formula, and two hair serums.

Launching in the US on September 9th, we’ll wait with bated breath for Pattern to hit our shelves in the UK, so curly-haired girls can here, in Ross’ own words ‘conjure the legacy of our history and make us feel like the royalty that we are’…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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