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Maura Higgins was left fearing a This Morning viewer’s partner might be dead during her relationship segment.

Love Island star Maura was back on agony aunt duties today giving no nonsense advice – but things got slightly awkward when she was giving advice.

Joanne revealed her partner of six months had disappeared and was ghosting her, so wanted to know whether she should keep trying to contact him.

Straight talking Maura told Joanne to stop calling, as it’s the worst thing to do, and forget about her partner.

However, presenter Phillip Schofield pointed out: “It could be a missing person.”

Realising there could be trouble, Maura said: “Yeah actually I wonder is he okay?”

Maura felt upset that Joanne had not had any closure as her partner had just left.

Going back to his whereabouts, Holly said: “We’re a bit worried about this person. Are they okay?”

Worried Maura asked: “Are they still alive?”

“If he’s okay, please don’t be calling him. That’s not a good thing to do.”

Phil added: “The bottom line is, if you an find out he’s okay.”

Maura told Joanne that her partner would think he can have her whenever her wants if she kept messaging him.

This Morning host Holly pointed out there was a bit of a theme with Maura’s relationship advice.

When Alice revealed she had matched her ex on Tinder, angry Maura told her he was an ex for a reason.

“Do not go there,” said the Love Island star. “Some people do get back with their exes but I think it’s not a good idea. There’s a reason you split up. It obviously wasn’t working out.”Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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