Now Molly has had her say on the speculation, admitting that she can understand why some might think their romance is too good to be true.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online at the launch of her new collection with PrettyLittleThing, the star explained: “People like to pick people apart that are doing well or in a good situation.

“Mine and Tommy’s situation, to some people, may have appeared too perfect and when people see something perfect they want to tear it down and break it apart.

“That’s what they did with us, they saw that we were so strong and they didn’t like it.”

She went on to insist that she and Tommy have been going from strength to strength since leaving the villa, sharing: “Everything is going so well, what you saw in the villa of us, nothing has changed on the outside.

“That was a concern for me but it’s actually gone from strength to strength; we are even better now we are in the real world, which is mad as I didn’t think we could get any stronger, we are just perfect.”

Molly and Tommy initially sparked concern when they were absent from social media in the days that immediately followed the Love Islandfinal.

Fans feared that the pair had already split after they failed to spend quality time together, but Molly revealed that they have measures in place to keep the spark alive.

She told us: “We make time for each other, if we are not together we are on FaceTime. He has pretty much moved into my flat, we are looking at getting somewhere together that’s bigger.

“We’ve not struggled with the time apart one bit because it’s just how it is and we know that we are going to come back together in a couple of days, so it’s fine.”

The blonde beauty also said that she doesn’t mind the 20-year-old hunk being mobbed by stunning fans when he makes personal appearances, insisting: “I’m not the jealous type, it’s work at the end of the day, it’s a PA.”

She cheekily added: “And it’s nice that girls want to be like that with him because he’s mine at the end of the day.

“He’s so loyal he wouldn’t even look in another direction.”

The Sun Online previously revealed that Molly and Tommy’s relationship is going so well, they are jetting off to Las Vegas together to watch his big brother, Tyson Fury, fight.

The beauty told us that she is yet to meet the boxing champ but gets along well with the rest of her boyfriend’s family, sharing: “We have all slotted together really well, and my parents absolutely adore him – my mum is obsessed!”

Tommy proved to be the devoted boyfriend at Molly’s PrettyLittleThing launch party in Manchester last night, which The Sun Online was invited along to…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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