I love my wife and enjoy sex with her, when I get the chance, but I’m into BDSM stuff and escort girls are much more adventurous.

I must have seen about 20 now — and some guys, too.

I am 35 and have always had a high sex drive. My wife is 33 but not very interested in sex. She went right off it for a while after each of our children was born.

Gradually our sex life has revived but it is never exciting and she doesn’t show enthusiasm.

I always get the feeling she is doing it because she thinks she is supposed to and risks losing me if she doesn’t say yes sometimes.

Sex is much more exciting with the escort girls who are up for almost anything I suggest. They love sex, and I’ve discovered a website for gay and bisexual men. I’m straight but I got really turned on talking with men and sharing nude pics of myself aroused.

In the end I couldn’t resist and have met up with male escorts, too. It’s just about the wild sex for me — I certainly don’t want a relationship with another man, so I know I am not gay.

Of course my encounters with the escort girls, let alone the guys, are one huge secret. My wife would be horrified if she knew.

She thinks I just meet up with mates for a drink or that I am working late. I love my wife and our girls so the last thing I want is to lose them but I’m hooked on all this exciting sex and I’m worried my life is going to explode in my face…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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