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Olivia Attwood has revealed some surprising home truths about her relationship with her footballer boyfriend Bradley Dack.

The Love Island star, 28, admitted that she doesn’t entirely trust her beau, who she’s been on and off with for four years.

But the blonde bombshell confessed she was happy with some of Bradley’s attributes — namely his “massive c**k” and “amazing bum”.

Olivia told new! magazine: “We row about little things, like house-related things. I’m very OCD and he’s very messy.

“I’ve also got a long way to go with trust. That’s my own issue more than his. I don’t think you should trust any man 100 per cent.”

The couple met in 2015 but split in 2017 when Olivia went into the Love Island villa.

She was with fellow Islander Chris Hughes for six months before splitting and reuniting with Bradley.
Olivia now thinks the 25-year-old is “the one” — and he’s not bad to look at either.

She continued: “He’s got a very kind soul… and he’s f**king hot!Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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