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Rapper and singer Trigmatic is of the view that Ghanaian music stakeholders are not doing enough to preserve authentic Ghanaian music for the next generation.

According to him, if care is not taken, Ghanaians would not be able to identify with what a true Ghanaian music is, in many years to come.

Speaking at the album listening ceremony for his upcoming album titled ‘Eighth Element’ at the Capitol Restaurant on Friday, Trigmatic asked stakeholders in the music industry, especially artistes, to start employing the elements of Ghanaian music in their music.

That, he believed, is one of the best ways of keeping Ghanaian music alive for the next generation.

He also used the platform to call on the media and DJs to support artistes who do alternative music.

Trigmatic indicated that those doing alternative music are suffering because they are marginalised.

“Not everyone can do the regular stuff. Some of them can do Neo-soul and Afro-soul. Some of them want to try Afro-jazz. Some even want to do juju music and highlife but they are left alone; they don’t get shows to play and no airplay… I think that we need to start paying attention to them,” he stated.

Trigmatic continued, “Let us also pay attention to music preservation. At this moment you will say it does not matter to you as far folklore preservation is concern but when you give birth and the kid starts growing that’s when you will understand the need to preserve our culture and our music is very important. Somebody said if right now we are sampling songs just as it sounds what will the next generation sound like? So, let’s support our authentic music or Ghana music and keep it for the future.”

Trigmatic’s ‘Element’ is his fourth studio album. It will be released on October 8, 2019, and it is also on Aftown for pre-order.

The album has some amazing songs that will blow the minds of music lovers.

He has featured top artistes like Wiyaala, Raquel, Joey B, Buk Bak and a host of others.

He sang on most of the songs and credited Tinny for inspiring him to sing…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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