0 MAIN Chris Hughes and Jesy Nelson

Chris Hughes and Jesy Nelson have become a power couple in the showbiz world.

And the Love Island hunk stood up for his girlfriend after a troll cruelly taunted her as the “ugly one” in her four-piece band Little Mix.

The reality star launched into a furious tirade when he outed the troll via his Instagramstories on Monday as he blasted the message for being “abusive” and “sickening”.

He wrote: “Find it so strange that grown women enjoy insulting young girls they don’t even know… honestly. Some of the people that follow me and give my girlfriend abuse is actually sickening.

“Your lives must be so miserable, that you can only feel for them.”

In discussion with his 2.1million followers, Chris had no qualms naming and shaming the keyboard warrior who had sent him the private message trolling his girlfriend.

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He posted a screengrab of the message which read: “I would rather pay cinema prices than be led next to that. Sooooo much make-up but she was always the ugly one.” (sic)Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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