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A “brilliant” dad with a “heart of gold” found dead in a graveyard is thought to have bled to death after struggling with his mental health.

Lee Firth, 46, was discovered by police days after he unexpectedly discharged himself from hospital.

Officers cordoned off Trinity Burial Ground in Hull on Wednesday, August 14 after finding his body.

It is thought he suffered a gastrointestinal haemorrhage, reports Hull Live.

His son Ben has since paid tribute and described him as a “brilliant guy” who had a “heart of a gold”.

However, the 20-year-old also revealed his dad had a “self-destructive” personality which saw Lee develop a crippling addiction to alcohol after years of mental health struggles.

Ben said: “Him and my mum had an on-off relationship because he had a big drinking problem which I think stemmed a lot from his parents passing away.

“He was still in love with my mum and I ended up staying with her and I think he felt alone and isolated.

“I’ve always described him as two people. In my younger years he may not have provided as much financially but he was always there for a shoulder to cry on and a good laugh.

“I had a personal bond with him that I have with no one else. We were just the same and we resonated off each other but he had mental health problems which in the end got the better of him and it all became too tough.”

Lee’s sister Tracy Fores said her brother never recovered mentally after their parents’ death and she thinks he secretly longed to be with them.

The 50-year-old said: “He lost contact with his dad for a lot of years and he wanted to get back in touch and make peace but he died before he got the chance to do that.

“I know that really hurt him and I think a lot of his problems started from there six years ago.

“My mum then ended up having a massive bleed on the brain and she became ill. We watched her suffer and she ended up with dementia before dying five years ago this January and he never came to terms with that.

“He knew he could do it and get better but he didn’t want it. His mental state was ‘I want to be with my parents’ and that is what he wanted – he wanted to be with both of them again.”Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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