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Strictly Come Dancing star AJ Pritchard has spoken out in defence of his mother after she was accused of ‘bum-shaming’ Maura.

Fans of Love Island had shared on social media their thoughts on when Curtis and AJ’s parents visited the villa to meet Maura.

There was a general consensus that Curtis’s mum was rather nonplussed with Maura and fans pointed to them ‘bum-shaming’ her for having a tattoo on her backside.

With the villa closing its doors on this year’s islanders, 24-year-old professional dancer AJ has insisted that his mum was actually ‘complimenting Maura on her toned bottom

Speaking to The Sun Online, Curtis’s older brother said that the reason why their mother was pointing it out was because she is a ‘fitness fanatic’ and was admiring Maura for her body.

After Curtis and Maura finished fourth in the final of Love Island, AJ revealed that “my mum’s a personal trainer she probably wanted to see how toned it was.”

AJ insisted that the his mum is “fine” with tattoos as he has some himself and she is “not bothered about it.”

The Strictly star said that he was proud of how his brother ‘won over the public’ after his dumping of Amy Hart, in one of the villa’s more dramatic moments.

AJ said that he wanted Curtis to appear “in every single episode, whether he wins or not,” and that he would be a winner “as long as he wins over the public, and he’s done that.”

The dancer insisted that Curtis did something harder that ‘winning a popularity competition’ as he had won “the heart of the nation.”

One of the main rules he gave his brother Curtis was that he didn’t sleep with anyone on the show.

Despite there being times when Maura was becoming ‘overbearing’ with her desires under the duvets, Curtis seemingly stuck to his guns to not do the deed in front of the cameras…Continue Reading

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