1 Love Island Curtis and Maura in fourth place

Love Island star Curtis Pritchard has made a massive and accidentally admitted he wants to be with Amy Hart.

The professional ballroom dancer was singing his ex-half-girlfriend’s praises – then slipped up and confessed he wanted to spend time with her.
To make it even worse, the excruciatingly awkward moment happened in front of his stunned love interest Maura Higgins.

Shocked Maura also cried “what” when Curtis was asked about speculation he wants to get back with Amy while speaking to Mirror Online.

The pair also confirmed that surprisingly they have still not had sex because they “haven’t had a chance yet”.

When asked if he had contacted Amy, Curtis said: “No, I haven’t got my phone or anything back just yet. I will be talking to Amy when I do get my phone back.

“I just want to check on Amy and that everything is alright.

Curtis then confirmed he was staying with Maura, but then made a massive blunder.

He said: “Amy is a fantastic young lady but I’m very happy with Maura. She’s brought out a fantastic side of me and I can’t wait to spend time with Amy…I mean Maura…outside.”

Curtis revealed that the pair are working a lot but have plans to go out for their first date outside the villa and “do some wild things”.

The dancer claimed they would “check their diaries” for a time for them to finally have sex.

While Maura said: “Let’s just say I’m sure we will get it done.”

She cheekily added: “Well come on now I have tried.”

The pair had a row in the villa after Curtis told Maura he was “too tired” to have sex,

Revealing why he wasn’t in the mood, Curtis said: “It was nothing to do with I don’t like her or anything. I want Maura to experience that and only Maura to experience that…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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