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Ticked off TOWIE cast members got well jel over the amount of money other reality TV stars are making – and earned a pay rise after threatening to go on strike, it is claimed.

They were angry after taking home just £100 a day to film the show.

Although they earn big kick-backs for being in the Essex hit, many were fed up of not being paid well enough and took action, say The Sun .

Over half of the current cast refused to attend ITV’s summer party and ‘tore up their invites’ to make clear their annoyance.

It took less than a day to get new deals in place but their expanded pay packets have not been revealed.

“We gave Towie bosses an ultimatum — pay us or we won’t work,” one irate star said.

“We all refused as a group to go to the ITV summer party.

“We said we won’t turn up for work and to show just how serious we were we didn’t turn to the recent ITV do. But they gave in the following day and a lot of us have had a pay increase.”

The show has been running for nearly ten years but falling viewing figures mean money is tight.

A TOWIE spokeswoman said: “”We would not discuss individual salaries, however it is untrue to suggest that cast boycotted the ITV Summer party – several current cast members including Pete Wicks, Chloe and Demi Sims were in attendance and thoroughly enjoyed the event.”

But there can be no doubt appearing on TOWIE can be the start of something big

Gemma Collins has earned over £1million since she first appeared on the programme.

Her new show Diva Forever has been given a release date as fans tune in expecting to see trauma and tantrums.

We’ll all be watching on as it begins on Wednesday August 7 – with the show kicking off at 9pm…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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