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Love Island star Curtis Pritchard left fans feeling sick after he romped with Maura on the day bed with his socks on and then talked about his “thrusting”.

The professional dancer got frisky in bed with the Irish beauty in last night’s show, and the scenes were so saucy they came with a “sexual content” warning.

Viewers were left cringing as they spotted Curtis left his socks on during his romp with Maura, and their discomfort was ramped up when the dancer started talking about what happened.

After his night of passion, Curtis was talking to Tommy and Chris in the bedroom about what happened, saying: “There may have been a lot of grinding.”

He later added: “Last night, nothing happened in that way, but Maura is a girl who knows what she wants and knows what she is doing.

“There was a bit of thrusting and it was hot.”

Viewers flocked to Twitter to express their disgust, with one writing: “Curtis saying thrusting actually made me sick in my mouth.”

Another added: “Curtis saying he was grinding n thrusting makes me die.”

Others were more disturbed by the fact that he kept his socks on.

One tweeted: “Everybody talking about Michael and Amber, meanwhile I can‘t get me head around Curtis s******g Maura on the daybed WITH SOCKS ON.”..Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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