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An Italian woman died of complications from the nose job she got for her 21st birthday, according to new reports.

Maria Chiara Mete got a rhinoplasty — or nose reshaping — procedure done at the private Casa del Sole clinic in Fromia, in the province of Latina, on June 17 because she was unhappy with her appearance, the Mirror reported.

Following the procedure, she suddenly went into cardiac arrest for no apparent reason, and doctors tried to revive her — but to no avail. She was taken to the Dono Svizzero hospital, and then to the Santa Maria Goretti hospital, where she died after a week in a coma, Italian outlet reported.

While it’s unclear exactly how Mete died, it’s believed that a ventilator malfunction in the operating room may have played a role, according to the report. Mete may have also had a bad reaction to a drug used to lower her blood pressure and reduce bleeding during the procedure, the outlet reported.

Prosecutors in Latina are digging into the case, and an autopsy will officially confirm Mete’s cause of death.

Meanwhile, Mete’s family is desperate for answers and calling for authorities to do all they can to get to the bottom of her untimely death…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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