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Amber Gill’s best pal was less than impressed with Michael Griffiths’ sensational Love Island U-turn on Wednesday night.

The Liverpudlian firefighter, 28, was declaring his feelings for Joanna Chimonides just days ago, but after his ex Amber caught the eye of new bombshell Greg, he unsurprisingly decided it was her he wanted.
The confession left the nation furious – and naturally, after watching Michael’s declaration, Amber’s best pal Mart Tweedy was also less than impressed.

Sharing a hilarious meme of Vanessa Gold bursting into a rage in EastEnders, he wrote on her social media: ‘Michael: ‘Now Joanna’s gone, it’s given me a chance to see clearly’… The nation.”

Mart also took to Twitter to vent his frustrations, sharing yet another meme – this time of Kim Woodburn flying off the handle in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

“Amber has a successful date with Greg… Greg is amazing… Michael sees Amber happy… Michael suddenly wants Amber back #LoveIsland ,” her fuming pal captioned the clip.

It comes after during a chat with the boys, Curtis, Jordan and Ovie, Michael stunned them all as he backtracked on his feelings.

He then strutted over to Greg and Amber to ask if he could steal her for a chat…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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