0 PAY 1 Family pay heartwarming tribute to woman murdered in Ewell stabbing

CCTV images show a mum-of-four moments before she was stabbed to death by her ex-husband while she was on the school run, a jury heard.

Ricardo Godinho is accused of murdering Aliny Mendes a month after they separated in front of her three-year-old daughter in Stoneleigh, Surrey.

After the alleged attack, Guildford Crown Court heard Godinho told a work colleague: “I stabbed Aliny. I think she is dead. I stabbed her several times.”

The 41-year-old is said to have sprung out of a Ford Ranger pick-up truck before stabbing the 39-year-old on February 8.

Jurors heard how Mrs Mendes got on a bus with her daughter shortly before her death.

In one sequence, prosecutors say Godinho is seen pulling up at a petrol station just minutes before and filling up his black Ford Ranger.

The jury watched as the man in the footage walked into the service station wearing a beige cap and his dark work overalls before climbing back into his car.

Prosecutors and police suggested he was rummaging around his glove box, preparing the kitchen knife with which he would kill his ex-wife.

The court also saw footage from the bus on which Mrs Mendes travelled with her daughter.

She was dressed in a dark coat, red gloves and woolly hat and her daughter was in a large white coat with the hood up.

Prosecutors say CCTV footage from the bus, meanwhile, showed the rear view of Godinho, in the black truck, attempting to pull out and startling two motorists with his aggressive attempts to pull into the main road and pursue his Mrs Mendes.

Footage from the bus showed the moments the mothers walked down the pavement and as the bus drove further into the distance, the jury could faintly distinguish a vehicle mount the kerb behind them – in the seconds before he allegedly began his assault.

The attack to Ms Mendes’s chest and neck, in the pouring rain, was witnessed by horrified passers-by in the street – including by mothers on the 3pm school run, the jury heard…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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