1 Rosemary Davies of Bradley Wrexham lost both her sons in tragic circumstances within 24 hours of ea

A grief-stricken mum who cried herself to sleep after her son died woke up hours later to find out that her second son was dead.

Rosemary Davies has been left devastated over the tragic deaths of her sons Scott and Robert.

Robert Davies, 36, also known as Bobby, had rushed home to console his mum at her home in Wrexham after his younger brother Scott Bellis died.

Mr Davies and his mum stayed up all night talking before he went upstairs and she went to bed.

But mum-of-five Mrs Davies was woken up by the sound of Mr Davies’ girlfriend Fallon screaming downstairs, North Wales Live reports.

Mr Davies had blood coming from his mouth and he could not be saved despite efforts by his stepdad Paul and paramedics who raced to the home.

Mrs Davies said: “I found myself screaming in the street outside. I couldn’t believe I’d now lost my other boy.”

The brothers were buried together after a joint funeral where their coffins were carried into a church by grief-stricken relatives, including Mrs Davies’ 18-year-old grandson Liam.

Mrs Davies, who is in her 60s, said: “I don’t know how they did it, because after they carried one coffin down they had to go back up the aisle to carry the other one. It was heartbreaking.”

She said she “felt like jumping into the grave with them”, but she had to go on for Mr Bellis’ six-year-old son Leo.

She added: “My heart is broken but he is going to fill it.

“I’m his legal guardian, but Scott absolutely adored him, as did his uncle Bobby. Leo has lost both his daddy and a very close uncle. He loved him so much and would always take him to the park for a game of football.”

Mrs Davies said her son Scott, 29, was feeling down the night before he died and she had begged him to stay overnight at her home.

Former factory worker Mr Bellis wanted to go to rehab but there wasn’t a place open for him, and he went home to his flat in Wrexham, his mum said…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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