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Love Island star Michael Griffiths is left in a sticky spot tonight when his ex Amber Gill professes her feelings for him again.

He’s currently coupled up with Joanna, but many of the other Islanders have noticed there doesn’t seem to be much of a spark there.

He’s going to have a very difficult choice to make so body language expert Judi James has uncovered the truth about how Michael is really feeling about the girls…

Michael’s true feelings decoded

It’s pretty clear from Michael’s body language that neither Joanna nor Amber are ideal for him, but with his roving eye on the series win he looks like a man cobbling together the best fit for the cameras

His standing within the guy group is high but in terms of coupling-up for a Tommy and Molly-style love match with all the romantic gestures that will be expected over the next few days, he’s so far managed to draw a bit of a blank

His body language with Joanna often involves quite serious and miserable-looking non-sexual discussions that are often about Amber.
He tends to sit away from her a lot in a style more suited to friends or work colleagues and although this makes him the centre of her attention when he is talking the flattery might not be quite as exciting a challenge as Amber’s edginess and more challenging responses.
His body language suggests his ego enjoys Joanna’s attention but that same inflated ego is also attracted to Amber’s ploys to get him back...Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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