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It’s a pretty standard situation to find yourself in on a night out.

You’re in a bar with your friends, when you catch the eye of a nice looking stranger who offers to buy you a drink or two.

If you’re single, you might say yes to the generous offer and then strike up a conversation with them, eventually exchanging numbers at the end of the night so you can go on a real date another time.

Or at least that’s the hope.

But after giving out her number to a man she met in a bar, one woman was left feeling pretty shocked when he sent her a rude message the next day about their encounter.

Over the weekend, 20-year-old student paramedic Chlo Matthews let a guy buy her a drink on a night out in Hull.

They hit it off, she gave him her number… then the unexpected happened.

Instead of telling her how nice it was to meet her or ask her out again, the man, known only as Danny, decided to send her a bill for the alcohol he’d bought her.

His reason for doing so? Because she didn’t sleep with him.

In a post on Twitter the young woman shared a screenshot of the guy’s text.

He begins by asking who she is and after she jogs his memory of the previous night, he asks: “Nice one, could you transfer me for those drinks I bought you last nite, since we didn’t go home togeva wasn’t really worth my time was it lol.”

Chlo was shocked by the message and joked that she was “officially retiring from nights out” because of it.

Her tweet quickly went viral, with more than 60,000 people liking it and 8,900 retweeting it…Continue Reading


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