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A quick-thinking mum saved her baby from choking to death on a piece of fruit thanks to a technique she learned on a St John Ambulance video.

Lindsey Hughes, 32, watched in horror as little Phoebe’s eyes suddenly bulged, her face turned purple and she ‘convulsed’ in panic.

But Lindsey grabbed her eight-month-old baby, lay her face-down across her lap and gave her four back blows until the blockage – a piece of dried mango – flew out of her mouth.

Now, Lindsey has been nominated for the St John Ambulance Everyday Heroes awards to commend her bravery.

Speaking from her home in Ewloe, North Wales, Lindsey said: “We were walking along the seafront in Brighton and I had started to wean her and she was eating really well.

“I gave her a mango finger to chew on, she liked the juice and it helped with teething.

“Luckily, I sat down in front of her on a bench and watched her while she ate.
“Suddenly, she went very quiet. The colour changed in her face. She went a reddish purple in seconds and her eyes started bulging. She looked really shocked, like she didn’t understand what was going on.

“It looked like she was convulsing because her little body was moving so much in panic. It was terrifying to see someone so small and delicate panicking…Continue Reading


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