This Morning TV show London UK 24 Oct 2017

A sologamist from Brighton may have taken the prize for this year’s most complicated love story.

Sophie Tanner, 37, made the decision to marry herself in May 2015 in a wedding ceremony that included her dad walking her down the aisle, bridesmaids and a first dance – after writing a book where a character does the same.

However, just two years after making the ultimate commitment to herself, Sophie admitted she also committed the ultimate betrayal: by cheating on herself.

The ‘other man’, Ruari Barratt, had been a polyamorist but decided to give a monogamous relationship a try with Sophie, and the couple dated for five months.

And, just two months after the couple decided to go their separate ways, Ruari demonstrated how much he learnt from his relationship with Sophie by marrying himself in a ceremony in Las Vegas.

Sologamy is growing in popularity, with supporters of the idea seeing it as a way to commit to loving and caring about yourself and not relying on another person for happiness.

The couple appeared on This Morningto discuss their complicated relationships, and Sophie insisted she would not be divorcing herself.

She said: “Self-marriage is about self-love. It’s saying that self-compassion and self-care is as important as romantic relationships…Continue Reading


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