PA REAL LIFE Danika in hospital

Warned she would never conceive after being burned alive by a catastrophic reaction to epilepsy drugs, a young woman has revealed her joy at being just weeks away from giving birth to her miracle baby.

Danika Heron’s nightmare began when she suddenly developed a mysterious rash just days before her 19th birthday in 2014 – leading to a diagnosis of Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS), a severe reaction to medication or infection, which affects the skin, mucous membranes, genitals, and eyes.

Teetering on the brink of death, Heron’s skin blistered and fell off, as her parents Carmen Heron, 48, and Scott Heron, 47, watched in horror, powerless to help their beloved girl.

After three weeks in the hospital, Heron, now 24, of New South Wales, Australia, slowly rallied, but doctors warned that, due to the organ damage and internal scarring SJS had caused, she was probably infertile – leaving the young woman little option but to accept she would never be a mom.

Then, in December 2018, against all odds, to her delight Heron discovered she was pregnant with a baby boy, which her mom has dubbed a “miracle.”

“We call Danika our warrior, and her little boy our miracle,” Carmen Heron, who is speaking out on behalf of her daughter, who is now legally deaf because of SJS, said. “I get emotional even thinking about it. I’m just so excited for her. She is still dealing with the aftermath of SJS now, and I do worry and think, ‘Is this the life she’s going to have?’ But now, it’s not – she’ll have a new life as a mum.”

For Heron, who was an apprentice chef at a top Sydney restaurant when she became ill, but can no longer work, life changed forever in early 2014, when she was diagnosed with epilepsy.

Right away, she was placed on two drugs commonly prescribed to help manage seizures – levetiracetam, more commonly known as Keppra, and lamotrigine, sold under the brand name Lamictal…Continue Reading


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