0 He was dying right in front of our eyes Young couple reveal trauma of seeing miracle baby Rile

A couple watched their son almost die three times in a terrifying ordeal that ended in their boy being given a two per cent chance of survival.

Riley Dibble was born with a heart defect and went into cardiac arrest as soon as he was delivered at a hospital in Birmingham last year.

His parents Beth and Jordan Dibble, from Knutton, in Staffordshire, said their boy was an hour old when he went in for open heart surgery.

Three months later he suffered another cardiac arrest and had to undergo emergency surgery, during which his heart once again stopped pumping blood around his body.

However, young Riley beat the odds and survived the health crises, StokeOnTrentLive reports

After Riley’s first cardiac arrest he was kept away from his parents for five hours – and then it was another five days before they were able to hold him for the first time.

The newborn was discharged after a week and brought home to Knutton by his proud mum and dad, and big sister Millie, aged three.

Three months later Riley began to feel poorly and turned an ashen, grey colour. His parents called 111, and given his history, an ambulance was sent out to take him to the Royal Stoke University Hospital.

On arrival, Riley was immediately taken to be resuscitated after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Beth, aged 23, said: “My poor baby was gasping, his eyes were glazed, he was recessing when he was breathing and making these awful groaning noises.

“A doctor told us he needed to go to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, but we were left with an awful decision – Riley needed intubation [inserting a tube into his windpipe to maintain an open airway…Continue Reading


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