0 Maid bludgeoned to death and taken to hospital with a cucumber in her genitals

The gruesome death of a Philippines domestic worker in Kuwait, whose body was found “black and blue” with a cucumber in her genitals, has deepened tensions between the two nations.

The death of yet another Filipino maid in the Gulf state threatens to reignite a diplomatic crisis as the Southeast Asian country – a major exporter of domestic labour to the Middle East – demands answers from Kuwaiti counterparts over the treatment of its migrant workers.

A Kuwait employer has been charged with Constancia Layo Dayag’s murder after she was declared dead on arrival at hospital last week, in the latest of a series of claims of abuse of Filipina domestic workers in the state.

Fresh reports say Manila claims the Filipina national was bludgeoned to death and a piece of cucumber found stuffed inside her genitals, Philippines news site the Business Mirror reports.

Local media reports Kuwaiti authorities have filed murder charges against a Kuwaiti employer suspect in Constancia’ death named only as B.M.I.H.

Philippines Labour and Employment Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III reportedly vowed to pressure the Kuwaiti government over the mother’s “utterly condemnable” death, saying the government would do “everything” to seek justice for her family.

“I am taking the Kuwaiti Government to task for the gruesome death of yet another Filipino in the hands of her employer in Kuwait,” Bello told local media.

“Aside from the apparent violation of agreement on the protection of [overseas Filipino workers] between our government and Kuwait, there appears to have been a breach of the employment contract by the foreign employer.”

Philippines Lifestyle reported that Mr Bello confirmed that Constancia’s body was found “black and blue,” adding that a cucumber had been forced into her body.

Philippines foreign secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. last week tweeted his outrage at the death of the 47-year-old domestic worker, as officials vowed to investigate her murder.

The Philippines last year put a temporary ban on its nationals working in Kuwait last year over reports of abuse of Filipino workers, including the case of another maid Joanna Demafelis, 29, who was found dead in a freeezer in her employers’ home more than a year after she was reported missing…Continue Reading


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