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The fate of Jon Snow had been predicted on Game of Thrones fairly early on in the series and we all missed it, until fans of the show looked back.

Jon was exiled to The Wall to join the Night’s Watch, after he murdered Daenerys Targaryen in a bid to save the Seven Kingdoms from her wrath and fire.

He was seen walking off in to the woods with Tormund Giantsbane and his wilding friends, as the sun set and this had all been prophesied by Catelyn Stark a lot earlier in the Game Of Thrones saga.

One Reddit user had pointed towards Catelyn’s wishes in the books and throughout the HBO series.

Unearthing the theory, Reddit user Animation_Bat wrote: “Catelyn Stark said she prayed to the gods to ‘take him away’ and ‘make him die’.

“She said that when Jon Snow came down with the pox, maester Luwin said that if he made it through the night he’d live, but it would be a very ‘long night’.

“At this point she regretted that she had condemned him to death, so she prayed to all seven gods to ‘let him live’ through the long night and she would ‘beg her husband to give him a true name’.

“He lived through the night, but she said she couldn’t keep her promise.”

These words were pretty much universally glossed over when they were said but it has all come true as the Game of Thrones bore out.

Breaking it down, the Reddit user pointed to the “gods” removing Jon Snow from Winterfell, where he went to join the Night’s Watch…Continue Reading


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